A Guide to Driving Lessons in Toowoomba

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Learning to drive is an exciting time for anybody. But it’s also a little daunting, primarily if you’ve never driven before. So, we’ve put together a little guide to help you get the most out of your driving lessons in Toowoomba. 

Choosing the right instructor

Making the right choice of driving instructor is crucial. You want to feel relaxed and confident, so it’s good to have options available. You also need to consider how long the lessons are to ensure you’re getting value for money.

With EzLicence, you can search and compare Toowoomba driving instructors in your area and make a choice for yourself. You can even see reviews and ratings, making your decision even more accessible.

Do they offer Keys2drive?

Keys2drive is a government program that gives new drivers a free lesson to help them get started. Your supervisory driver (parent or someone else) can sit in on the first lesson, which is excellent for future driving practice. It means your supervisory driver learns the best way to help you.

Not all driving instructors are accredited to offer Keys2drive, so make sure you check before you book. Everybody loves something for free!

3-for-1 logbook hours

Remember that booking lessons through an accredited driving instructor in Toowoomba also helps achieve your required logbook hours. In Queensland, you need 100 hours before you can sit your P’s test. But, for the first 10 hours, you spend with an approved driving instructor, you can record triple the logbook hours.

Make sure you take advantage of this when booking your Toowoomba driving lessons because it all helps along the way!

Preparing for your lessons

Finally, once you’ve chosen your preferred instructor, it’s time to prepare! Here are a few simple tips to help you get started.

Learn the car: Regardless of whether you’ll be using your car, a borrowed car or the instructor’s vehicle, most cars are set up the same. So, if it’s your first time driving, just spend a bit of time before your lesson learning where everything is. Take note of the pedals, indicators, and understand the readings on the dashboard.

Get good rest: Plan to get some good sleep the night before your lesson, so you’re ready to go on the day.

Comfortable clothes and shoes: Make sure your clothing and footwear are practical. Flat shoes are always best, and comfortable clothing helps you feel more relaxed.

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