Are Cheap Driving Lessons on the Sunshine Coast Worth It?

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Are Cheap Driving Lessons on the Sunshine Coast Worth It?

When you're learning to drive, it's normal to be conscious of the financial impact. Many new drivers simply don't have the money to pay premium amounts, which is why you'll no doubt start looking for cheap driving lessons on the Sunshine Coast. However, cheap doesn't always mean best. For example, if your driving lessons are ineffective, you'll need more of them before you're ready to sit a test. That means paying more in the long run, and you don't even get the best driving tuition.
Here are some things to consider when booking driving lessons on the Sunshine Coast.

How Long Are the Lessons?

When determining the value for money, you need to look at the lesson length. Some driving instructors offer cheap service, but you might only get 30-45 minutes in the car. EzLicence offers tailored lesson times according to what you need. Most lessons are 1-hour. However, you can book 2-hour lessons too. 
So, driving lessons may cost a bit more, but it's money well spent if you get more time and experience.

Does the Instructor's Car Have Dual Controls?

When you first start driving, it's natural to be a bit nervous. It's also pretty common for new drivers to make a mistake, perhaps failing to brake or even accelerating while trying to brake. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. However, you'll feel a lot safer knowing your driving instructor can also control the car.
Dual control vehicles allow the instructor to apply brakes when necessary, giving you some backup just in case something does go wrong. Unfortunately, many cheap Sunshine Coast driving schools don't have these vehicles.

Are They Professional Driving Instructors?

Many Sunshine Coast driving instructors only do the job part-time. In itself, that isn't a problem. However, it can impact availability, and you might find it difficult to get lesson times that suit you. In addition, they perhaps don't have dual-control vehicles. So, they may be cheap, but they may not give you the best value for money. 
Driving lessons on the Sunshine Coast should be more than just giving you a supervisory driver for an hour. Professional, dedicated driving instructors provide a high-quality learning experience tailored to your individual needs.


Can You Access Keys2drive?

Keys2drive is a government initiative allowing learner drivers to access their first lesson free. Your supervisory driver can even come along for the ride, so it helps both of you. However, the program is only available through selected accredited driving schools. So, if cost is your concern, but you can't access a free lesson, then you're already behind.

Want the Best Driving Lessons on the Sunshine Coast?

When you learn to drive with EzLicence, you get a comprehensive service that delivers real value for money. Rather than only considering cheap driving lessons on the Sunshine Coast, choose a service that really helps you achieve your driving goals.
Our easy online portal helps you book and reschedule lessons easily. Plus, you get to choose your driving instructor based on reviews, ratings and checking their availability to align with your schedule. So, contact us today or book online, and let's get driving!
Learn smart. Learn safe. Learn easy with EzLicence.