Here's How to Prepare for Your Perth Driving Lessons

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Are you getting ready to learn to drive in Perth? It’s an exciting time, but it can also be a little daunting. Don’t worry, though, because EzLicence makes it simple to find, compare and book instructors online. Plus, since we’re the experts in all things driving, we’ve got some helpful tips on how to prepare for your driving lessons in Perth. Just follow these ideas, and you’ll be stress-free for your first lesson.

Do some research

If you’re nervous about what your first driving lesson will entail, do a little research. The driving instructor you choose may have a website with some useful information. You could also ask friends or family what they experienced in their first lesson. The reality is an instructor won’t allow you to do anything too scary or dangerous. But even so, it’s natural to be nervous. Having a bit of insight into what you can expect might do wonders for settling your nerves. 

Pack a bag the night before

You don’t need much for your driving lessons, but you will need to take your learner’s logbook and licence. You won’t start the lesson without your licence, so this is crucial. You should also have a water bottle to stay hydrated and wear comfortable clothing. If you’re always rushing around, it pays to get all of these things ready the night before. That way you can relax and take it easy on the morning of your lesson.

Get plenty of rest

We all perform better when we’ve had plenty of rest, no matter what we do. School, work, sports – it’s all a lot easier when we’re well-rested. So, try to get an early night before your lesson, especially if it’s early in the morning. You want to feel fresh and be ready to concentrate. If you’re flustered in the morning or tired and grumpy, you won’t get as much out of the experience.

Go over some road rules

While it’s tempting to put those learner handbooks away once you pass your L’s test, this isn’t a great idea. Just because you’ve passed a multiple-choice quiz doesn’t make you an expert on the road rules. Your instructor doesn’t expect you to know everything, but you never know what you might encounter on the roads. Brushing up on the road rules gives you a little more confidence to handle situations once your lesson starts.

Plan your transport

Finally, make sure you plan your transport well in advance. Whether starting your lesson at the driving school or being picked up at home by the instructor, make sure you’re organised. You don’t want to be late, miss a lesson, or even be flustered and rushing to get there. If you’re prepared, calm and ready, the lesson is a lot easier and more beneficial.

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