Hobart Driving Instructors You Can Count On

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When you’re first learning to drive, it can be daunting with so much choice. How do you really know if your driving instructors in Hobart are the right fit? There are plenty of things to consider when making the choice, such as flexibility, dual-control vehicles and whether you can use instructor vehicles or your own. Well, with EzLicence, it’s simple! Here’s how you can get the most out of your driving lessons.

Rate, compare and book online

Why go through multiple websites trying to find pricing, availability and vehicle information when you can get all the information in one place? EzLicence lets you find and compare driving instructors in Hobart, even checking out ratings from other learners. That way, you can find the perfect instructor for your needs, at a price that meets your budget. 

You can even make the booking online, and manage future appointments through our easy online portal. How easy is that?

Access to a dual-control vehicle?

Another thing to consider when starting out is whether you can access a dual-control vehicle. These cars are great for safety because the instructor can handle the brakes in case something goes wrong. If you’re nervous about making a mistake or being out in traffic for the first time, a dual-control vehicle gives you a sense of confidence. So, when finding your driving school, check to see if you can get the type of vehicle you want.

Start well with Keys2drive 

Most accredited driving instructors in Hobart give you access to the first lesson free thanks to the Keys2drive program. You can bring your supervisory driver along too, and they can learn how to best help you in your private driving sessions. Everybody is nervous for their first driving lesson, so it takes a bit of pressure off when you’re not even paying for it!

Get value for money

Value for money doesn’t always mean the cheapest price. For example, some lessons times are shorter, so if you consider a per-minute rate, you might be getting less value by going cheaper. In addition, some instructors may not be as experienced or offer flexibility in the times they can teach you. So, by finding an instructor that truly meets all of your requirements, you can actually get more for your money than if you just choose the cheapest lesson.

Instructors who meet your schedule

Everyone is busy, with school, work, family and other commitments. That’s why you need an instructor who is flexible with their availability. Also, if you’re using an instructor vehicle, it might be helpful if the instructor can pick you up for the lesson. 

Get the best driving instructors in Hobart

Finding driving instructors in Hobart is simple with EzLicence. You can get the very best instructors by comparing and reading reviews online, and our online portal makes it easy to manage your appointments. You can even cancel and reschedule up to 5 hours before a lesson because we understand that sometimes things happen outside of your control.

Book a driving instructor in Hobart today, and find out why so many Australians are learning to drive with us.

Learn smart. Learn safe. Learn easy with EzLicence.