How Many Driving Lessons in Newcastle Are Required to Get Your Licence?

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Once you start the process of learning to drive, it’s natural to be excited about getting your licence. Driving a car gives you independence, freedom and generally makes life a whole lot easier. However, it’s also a big responsibility because the way you drive can put you and other road users at risk. That’s why it’s crucial to learn safe driving techniques. The best way to do that is with driving lessons in Newcastle.

We often get asked how many driving lessons it takes before you can get your licence. Ultimately, the number of driving lessons will be different for everybody. After your first lesson, your EzLicence driving instructor will be in a better position to advise how many lessons you’ll need. This will be based on a few different factors.

How much driving experience do you have?

Some people may have been driving with friends and family for quite a while already. Then, they choose to have driving lessons to ‘polish’ their skills. While we recommend having a few professional Newcastle driving lessons first to avoid picking up bad habits, we understand that many people like to do it their own way. If you’ve had some experience, you’ll likely need fewer lessons, but it will depend on how well you’ve mastered all the skills required to drive safely.
If you’ve never driven before, you may need more lessons to get you confident for a driving test. However, if you have the chance to drive with a supervisory driver in between lessons, this can speed up your progress.


How quickly you can master driving techniques

Ultimately, to pass your driving test, you need to show you’ve mastered certain driving techniques. This includes using safe driving techniques such as checking mirrors and using indicators all the way through to parking techniques and everything in between. How quickly you can become proficient in all aspects of driving will determine how quickly you can sit your test.

Your confidence level

Confidence is extremely important in driving. When you’re confident, you do all the right things instinctively. You control the vehicle better, and you know how to drive safely. While there will always be some nerves when you sit your test, having confidence in your driving during lessons is a good sign you’re getting closer!

Logbook considerations

Finally, most states in Australia require learner drivers to complete a logbook recording their driving experience. This means driving with a supervisory driver for a certain number of hours. In NSW, you’ll need 120 hours before you’re eligible to sit a test.

Book your Newcastle driving lessons today!

EzLicence makes it easy to get started on your driving journey. With an easy online booking system, you can make and reschedule appointments easily. Our experienced driving instructors have the skills to help you obtain your driving goals safely and with confidence. When you book driving lessons in Newcastle with EzLicence, you even have the choice of using your own car or an instructor’s vehicle with dual controls. 

Best of all, you can record 3 hours in your logbook for every 1 hour of EzLicence driving lessons, up to 30 hours.

We’re here to make driving lessons in Newcastle easy. So, contact us today or book online, and let’s get driving!

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