How to Choose the Right Driving School in Coffs Harbour

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Ready to start the process of learning to drive? Well, the one thing you need is a great driving school in Coffs Harbour. So, to make it easy, we’ve put together some tips on how to make a choice. It’s important to feel comfortable with your instructor, and these suggestions will help make your journey to learning to drive much easier.

Ensure You Get Value For Money

Getting value for money is important for everyone, right? Well, there are certain ways to get the most out of your driving school. Firstly, check the price per lesson. That’s the big one but also check the lesson time. If you’re paying less but getting less time, it’s not much of a saving. 

In addition, check for all the other benefits, such as dual-control vehicles and the ability to use the instructor’s car if necessary. So many components determine what ‘value for money’ really is, so don’t just jump at the cheapest driving school in Coffs Harbour. 

Compare Driving Schools And Instructors

The best thing you can do for yourself is choosing the driving school that best suits your needs. Some offer flexible booking, and some don’t. Some only work certain hours of the day if they’re part-time, and that may not be convenient for you. 

But most importantly, with EzLicence, you can compare driving instructors in your area based on ratings and reviews from previous customers. This is a great way to ensure you only get the very best driving school in town, and importantly, one that suits your requirements. 

Look For Flexible Booking Systems

Flexibility is always a big consideration because everybody is busy. So you need a driving school that accommodates your hours, especially if you’re juggling things like school, work, family and other commitments. With EzLicence, you can use an online portal to manage your booking and find appointment times that work for you.

Also, don’t forget to check the cancellation policy. Life happens, and you may need to change a booking from time to time. With EzLicence, you can reschedule, online, up to 5 hours before a lesson, but some driving schools have more prohibitive policies.

First Lesson Free With Keys2drive

Finally, if you’re a new driver, make sure you can access your first lesson for free through the Keys2drive government initiative. Your main supervisory driver can come along, too, giving them a chance to see how the lessons operate and how they can best help you along the way.

The Best Driving School In Coffs Harbour 

EzLicence gives you the ability to compare driving instructors in your area. Plus, you can even book and manage your appointments in one easy online portal. Driving lessons are stressful enough without having driving schools in Coffs Harbour that make it harder.

EzLicence is all about convenience, giving you all the flexibility you need to find the right instructor, manage bookings and get the most out of your driving lessons. So contact us today to get started.

Learn smart. Learn safe. Learn easy with EzLicence.