Learning to Drive in Cairns? Invest In Professional Driving Lessons!

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If you’ve never driven before, it can be a pretty scary experience. However, if you book professional driving lessons in Cairns, you can be assured of getting the best tuition possible. Learn safe driving techniques, boost your confidence, and get real value for money.

If you’re worried about the expense, consider how quickly you can achieve your driving goals with quality driving tuition. Here’s how to maximise the benefit of choosing professional driving instructors.

Compare driving instructors in your area

EzLicence lets you compare driving instructors, which is better than just turning up to a driving school and getting whoever is available. Our system lets you check out the instructors in your area, see what services they offer, their cost, their lesson times and availability, and much more. 

If you need a dual-control vehicle or even just the opportunity to use an instructor’s car, you can find instructors who meet those criteria. EzLicence is all about making it easier for you to find the perfect driving instructor for your needs.

Benefit from extra logbook hours

In Queensland, you need to complete 100 hours of supervised driving before you can sit your driving test. Ten of those hours need to be at night. It’s a lot of time to spend behind the wheel, however, accredited driving instructors are available to make it easier. Every 1 hour you spend with a qualified driving instructor can be recorded as 3 hours of logbook experience. This is capped at 30 hours (or ten 1-hour lessons), but it’s a great way to build up your hours quickly. 

Learn with professionals

The great thing about driving lessons is that professionals are teaching you. They teach young and new drivers every day, so they know how to explain things in a way that you’ll understand. They also have a focus on teaching safe driving techniques and increasing your confidence behind the wheel.

Supervisory drivers such as parents and friends are great, and they may be terrific drivers, but that doesn’t always make them great teachers. Plus, they may have picked up a few bad habits over the years, and you should avoid those wherever possible.

Even better, professional instructors know what’s involved in passing your driving test, so they can give you some inside information on what to expect!

The best driving lessons in Cairns

If you want the very best driving lessons in Cairns, you’ll need the best instructors. EzLicence makes it simple to find, compare and book driving schools in your local area. Check their reviews, ratings and also ensure they have the flexibility to meet your needs. 

Find instructors who can come to you or ones with dual-control vehicles. Whatever your needs, you can find it with EzLicence. You can even manage appointments easily through our online portal. Check out our expert drivers or contact us today to learn more about how EzLicence can help you start driving. 

Learn smart. Learn safe. Learn easy with EzLicence.