Tips For Selecting The Best Victorian Driving School For You

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Learning to drive can be pretty daunting, and that’s before you even get behind the wheel for the first time. With so many choices for driving schools in Victoria, it’s hard to know which is right for you. This guide is sure to help!

EzLicence is an online service that lets you find, compare and book driving lessons in your area without the hassle. You can find the perfect match for your needs, such as price, availability and the type of car you can use. 

Here are some tips for finding the best Victorian driving school for you!

Ensure You Get Value For Money

Value for money doesn’t always mean getting the cheapest lessons. For example, a cheap lesson may be shorter in duration. You might not have access to a dual-control vehicle. You may not even be able to use an instructor’s car. There are plenty of variables to consider when deciding which driving schools in Victoria deliver real value.

Ultimately, value is determined by what you get out of the lesson. So, if you find a great instructor with good availability, lesson times of at least an hour and access to a vehicle, you’ve found some good value. 

Do They Offer Dual-Control Vehicles?

When learning to drive, you can use your vehicle or an instructor’s car. To use your car, the instructor needs to be willing to pick you up, or you’ll need someone to drive you to the lesson starting point and wait around for you. This isn’t usually ideal, so it’s best to look for instructors who offer a vehicle.

Many of these vehicles are dual-control, meaning the instructor can control the brakes in an emergency. It’s a nice little peace of mind, especially when you’re just starting. 

Can You Access Keys2drive?

Keys2drive is a government initiative that makes your first driving lesson accessible. If you’ve never had a lesson before, accredited driving schools in Victoria make it easy. You can even bring a supervisory driver such as a parent, sibling or friend who will help you learn to drive. That way, they can also get some tips on how to help you on the journey.

What If You Need To Reschedule?

Finally, always check the cancellation policy. Some driving schools require 24 hours notice. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay a cancellation fee. With EzLicence, you can reschedule up to 5 hours before the lesson.

Book With The Best Driving Schools In Victoria

Of all the tips above, which one is most important to you? Finding good value for money? Getting a free Keys2drive lesson? Being able to use a dual-control vehicle? Whatever is most important to you, EzLicence makes it simple for you to find it.

With EzLicence, you can compare driving schools in Victoria and get behind the wheel safely in no time. Contact us today or book online, and let’s get started!

Learn smart. Learn safe. Learn easy with EzLicence.