What Will I Learn During My Perth Driving Lesson?

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Are you currently in the process of learning to drive in Perth? Whether you’ve already been out on the road with another driver or you’re looking to start professional driving lessons, it’s normal to be curious about the sorts of things you’ll learn during your driving lessons. 

Here at EzLicence, each of our Perth driving instructors provides driving lessons that are in line with the Western Australian government’s curriculum. It’s also important to note that learning to drive can take longer than most people think and the time required can vary from student to student. 

It is our instructor’s job to not only ensure that you are confident and competent when controlling a vehicle, but also that you are able to observe and make the right on-road decisions while also predicting what other drivers may do. 

Keep reading to find out more about what you can expect from your professional driving lessons with an EzLicence Perth driving instructor: 

What’s Covered In Each Perth Driving Lesson?

As mentioned previously, each of our driving lessons with our driving instructors follows the criteria that must be met in order to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to pass your driving test and remain a safe and confident driver. 

What is covered in each driving lesson depends on the stage of learning you are up to. Our driving instructors understand that learning to drive can be overwhelming. Which is why we take the time to break down each lesson into a manageable and stress-free experience, covering the skills required when learning to drive. Each lesson is presented in a way that caters to the needs of new learner drivers all the way through to advanced learners. 

Why Choose EzLicence For Your Next Driving Lesson!

With over 450 driving instructors servicing over 2000 Australian suburbs, you’re sure to find a local Perth or Western Australian driving instructor that you’ll love! Both learners and parents can view & compare instructors in their area based on comprehensive profile information. This includes ratings and reviews.

Each learner can manage their ongoing booking experience from their online account. Learners can change their driving instructor at any time and also reschedule & cancel bookings with up to 5 hrs notice.

Check out a few more reasons why you should choose EzLicence when learning to drive:

  • Choose your own private driving instructor (male or female)
  • Access to the broadest choice of driving instructors in Australia (450+)
  • Manage your driving bookings online
  • Book a driving lesson in as little as 60 seconds
  • Automatic and manual cars are available; you can even use your own!
  • Set driving lesson prices

Learn smart. Learn safe. Learn easy with EzLicence.