What You Need to Know When Selecting a Driving School in Toowoomba

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What You Need to Know When Selecting a Driving School in Toowoomba 

Finding a driving school in Toowoomba is simple, provided you know where to look. The fact is, all driving schools are a little different, and they offer slightly different things. When you’re first learning to drive, it’s essential to feel comfortable with your instructor, and you also want to maximise what you get out of each lesson. So, here are a few things to consider when choosing your driving school.

Check the Lesson Length.

Often, it’s easy to be tempted by a driving school in Toowoomba offering cheap driving lessons. However, before making the booking, one key thing to check is how long the lessons go for. Remember that you can claim three logbook hours for every hour spent with an accredited driving instructor (up to 30 hours). So, if a driving lesson is cheap but short, you’re not getting maximum value for money.

Is the Driving School in Toowoomba Convenient?

Convenience is a big thing when learning to drive. Firstly, does the driving school let you use an instructor’s vehicle, possibly with dual controls for extra safety? If so, do they pick you up from your location? Sometimes they don’t, because the service is cheap. However, if you need to waste time and money getting to the driving school, you’re not saving anything.

Also, do they have lots of lesson times available to work with your schedule? Some driving instructors only work part-time, so it’s best to choose someone with good availability.

Can you Access a Free Keys2drive Lesson?

Have you heard of Keys2drive? It’s a government initiative that lets you have your first driving lesson for free. Plus, a supervisory driver can come along too, which helps both of you long-term. Not all driving schools offer Keys2drive, though, so before you book, make sure you can access that first lesson for free. It is excellent for your supervisory driver to get some tips on how to help you along the way best help you along the way, too.

Check Ratings and Reviews.

EzLicence makes it simple to choose the perfect driving instructor for you. Our online booking system lets you find and compare driving schools in Toowoomba, so you know you’re always getting highly-rated instructors. This saves you plenty of time – no more searching the internet for reviews and testimonials because we’ve got it all in one convenient place.

Book With the Best Driving Instructor Toowomba has to Offer!

EzLicence makes it easy to choose the right driving school in Toowoomba. Find, compare and book with ease using our online system, and choose from the best driving instructors Toowoomba has to offer. It’s that easy. Plus, you’ve got options galore – choose from your car or an instructor’s vehicle with dual controls. Checking availability is easy too, so you can always find a lesson time that suits you.


Our team is dedicated to helping you find the best driving school in Toowoomba. So, contact us today or book online, and let’s get driving!

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