Why is EzLicence a Better Driving School in Newcastle?

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There are two ways to take driving lessons in Newcastle and get your licence. A simple way and an incredibly frustrating way. The frustrating way includes phoning around several driving schools and instructors trying to get bookings that suit you. You may not have a range of vehicle options, and you might not even have access to a car with dual controls for beginners. 

EzLicence does things differently. The right way. We put the power back in your hands to compare available driving instructors and make an informed choice. You need to feel confident and comfortable with your driving instructor, and EzLicence makes it easy to achieve your goals. Here’s how we do things better.

Check instructor reviews and ratings

Through EzLicence, you can find and compare a range of different driving instructors in your area. No more endless phone calls because everything is online. We include comprehensive profiles on all of our partner instructors, including ratings and reviews. So, if you want the best, that’s what you’ll find with EzLicence.

Verified instructor accreditations

Confidence in your driving instructor is a big thing. You (and no doubt your parents, if you’re a young driver) want peace of mind that your driving school in Newcastle provides fully accredited instructors. It’s important for your safety, development as a driver, and other road users. 

EzLicence holds up-to-date copies of all relevant instructor accreditations, so you can always make the safest choice.

Know your vehicle

When you start driving lessons, you can either use your own vehicle or the instructor provides one. Many people like using the instructor’s vehicle, especially if they’ve never driven before. EzLicence instructors have dual-control vehicles available for use, which is a lot safer when you’re just starting out.

Best of all, you can factor the vehicle type into your choice of instructor. If you want to learn in a car similar to the one you own or would like to buy, EzLicence allows you the opportunity to choose.

Easy online bookings

EzLicence offers an online portal where learner drivers can easily search for instructors and make bookings easily. You can even cancel or reschedule appointments online up to 5 hours before the scheduled time. This is much better than being hit with ridiculous cancellation fees.

Best of all, you can even change your instructor if you need to. Sometimes, people just aren’t the right fit. So, for you to feel comfortable and confident, EzLicence makes it easy to switch instructors. And you can do it all online!

Book with the best driving school Newcastle has to offer!

For the most comprehensive driving school in Newcastle, look no further than EzLicence. We offer everything a traditional driving school does, plus much more. 

If you’re ready to start learning, contact us today or book online. We’ll make sure you start driving with the professional, affordable driving lessons you deserve.

Learn smart. Learn safe. Learn easy with EzLicence.