Sociable, clear and very helpful. 3 hours in with Rod and the progress I have made has been more than great. Would highly recommend .


Rod is a great trainer that made my son feel comfortable and confident. Rod took the time to explain the operations of the vehicle.I Highly recommend Rod to anyone looking to learn to drive


Rod is fantastic. Patient, kind. Not pushy and a great teacher. He keeps things simple and straightforward and doesn't overwhelm with info but keeps you focused on the task at hand. Honestly, I initially went with Rod because he was available in my area, but I couldn't be happier with his work!


good instractor But He took me a very far place to start the learning practice. i.e., he drove (he control) 30% of my practice time


Rod was confident in his teaching and made sure I was comfortable and confident on the road, he was clear in explaining the methods to driving manual.