Steve was very patient the entire time, which helped me feel more confident during practice and testing. He always made sure that I understood how to do each maneuver and how to position myself when driving. I passed in my first attempt.


my favourite driving instructor by far! makes a girl with social anxiety feel so at ease and calm during driving lessons. couldn’t recommend Steve enough! he will fill you with knowledge and make sure you are ready for the test!


Had a great time with Steve especially on my first day. He’s calm and so comfortable to talk to, teaching wise, very professional and very polite. Easy to understand, easy to learn from him. And I’m so happy I picked him. And can’t wait for my next lesson with him.


Steve is an awesome instructor - highly recommend. I felt much more comfortable and at ease behind the wheel and he filled me with so much knowledge just in one hour. Will definitely be booking another lesson with him again!

Jan lorraine

Steve was an excellent choice for a driving instructor. He was kind, considerate, patient and very calm. His attention to driving detail made the test very easy. He was able to keep me calm and focused. I would not have passed on the first test without Steve. I highly recommend him.