She was very patient with me and gave very relevant tips for the driving test. I was nervous and she was reassuring me of the road rules and expectations. She was clear with her instructions and informed me of some of the driving skills that I needed to improve on.


Anita is an amazing instructor. She is pretty calm and professional. Because of her, I got my license from first test. She taught me all the important things they are looking for in the test and helped build up my confidence on the day of the test! Totally recommend her!

EzLicence Learner

Anita was great, the lessons were easy to understand and worth the while. Everything Anita taught was relevant and made sense. She is very efficient and helpful. Going into the test was no problem at all, the lesson before the test got me across the line.


ANITA WAS AWSOME! she was very helpful, very patient and belived in me even when I didnt belive in myself, which gave me a lot of self confidence to pass my test today on the first go, she’s a great instructor, very friendly and provides alot of Feedback.

Farisha - EzLicence Learner

Anita was amazing! She was calm and very professional. Anita taught me everything I needed to know. Even when I was going for my test she calmed me down and was very supportive. Thanks to her lessons I passed first go! Thanks Anita for everything!