Sam is the best driving instructor I ever had. In my time learning to drive I had many different kinds of instructors to get a feel for what suited me and by far Sam was the best. He makes you feel no stress and teaches you to drive in a way that will make you confident of your abilities. Couldn't recomend him enough.


Very professional and great communication. Sam was very patient and understanding and I have learnt a lot during my 3 lessons. Will be booking more lessons with Sam leading up to my driving test.


It was really good, only having lessons with my Dad made me pretty nervous going into my first proper instructor lesson but everything went smoothly. Looking into booking some more lessons in the near future


Very patient, understanding and, most importantly, critical. always felt comfortable and I'm looking forward to booking a Ps test package with him.


First time driving with a driving school and Sam made me feel very comfortable. Had some good chats and overall a very good instructor :))