Thanks Simon for your informative training and for taking me on a country trip. The things you taught me about interacting with large trucks how to overtake safely and other hazards to look out for helped me greatly. Thanks also for the tips on how to get better fuel economy on long trips.I felt more confident and relaxed around large vehicles when I did my test.


Thanks Simon for helping me pass my driving test. You gave me some valuable lessons and helped me get over my nerves, I was so excited finally freedom to drive myself.


I found that Simon was excellent. He showed me the difference between my car (Prius) and this made me much easier to drive his car. Apart from a few minor mistakes on my part I think that we enjoyed the drive as much as I did. I would very gladly drive again with him.


Very friendly, explained the different skills properly and was calm. I felt less nervous after I started driving.


Excellent, knowledgeable and calm.