SCHEDULE 1 - EzLicence Payment Policy

All terms defined in the Driving Instructor Terms and Conditions and the Learner Driver Terms and Conditions have the same meaning as set out there and are incorporated into this Payment Policy. For clarity, this EzLicence Payment Policy does not apply to BMP Learners (Private Clients).


This EzLicence Payment Policy is binding on each Driving Instructor and Learner Driver and is a supplementary schedule to the Driving Instructor Terms and Conditions and the Learner Driver Terms and Conditions respectively.

    Suggested Retail Prices (SRP)

  1. The price for a one hour lesson is based on a number of factors including, pick-up location of the Learner Driver, the vehicle transmission, and the particular Driving Instructor selected.
  2. All SRPs and Discount Bands as referred to in this Agreement are based on one hour lessons.
  3. A Learner Driver will be notified of the total price per booking and must confirm the total price for each transaction before payment will be made to the Driving Instructor.
  4. Discount Bands

  5. If a Learner Driver makes payment for multiple lessons they will receive a discount according to the following Discount Bands with discounts based on and calculated from the SRPs referred to in clause 1 -
    • 6th – 9th lessons = 5% discount per lesson,
    • 10th – 19th lessons = 10% discount per lesson, and
    • 20th - 49 th lesson = 12.5% discount per lesson, and
    • 50th -74th lessons = 15% discount per lesson, and
    • 75+ lessons = 20% discount per lesson.
  6. Discount Bands will apply to the price per one hour lesson as allocated at the time of booking. This price is subject to change on subsequent bookings in accordance with clause 1.
  7. The Discount Bands will be applied from the 6th lesson booked with EzLicence, and to payments made for lessons subsequent to the 6th lesson. If a Learner Driver -
    1. pays for 7 lessons in one transaction, all of those lessons will be at 5% discount; and
    2. has already paid for 5 lessons, and in their next transaction pays for 3 lessons, a 5% discount will apply to those 3 additional lessons.
  8. Discount Bands apply irrespective of whether a Learner Driver changes Driving Instructors.
  9. From time to time, EzLicence may offer other offers, including discounted lesson packages, of which the Discount Bands may not apply.
  10. Cancellations and rescheduling

  11. Within 5 hours of a lesson start time, a learner cannot cancel or reschedule a lesson within the EzLicence platform. EzLicence will assume the lesson is proceeding, and a standard payment validation notification will be sent to the Driving instructor after the lesson time expires.
  12. If the lesson did not proceed, the Driving Instructor may do either of the following -
    1. require that the Learner Driver pay the total cost of the lesson; or
    2. waive payment entirely and allow the Learner Driver to reschedule their lesson with no charge.
  13. Lesson payment validation

  14. Driving Instructors validate payment at the completion of each lesson. The Learner Driver and EzLicence do not participate in the validation process.
  15. If a completed lesson has not been authorised by the Driving Instructor within 14 days, the full lesson payment will remain as a credit to the Learner Driver to use for subsequent lessons, and clauses 22, 26 of the Learner Driver Terms and Conditions will apply.
  16. Refunds for validated lessons

  17. From time to time EzLicence may receive requests to refund payments made to a Driving Instructor for lessons validated by a Driving Instructor.
  18. EzLicence will investigate all refund requests and at its sole discretion make a determination whether a refund should be paid.
  19. At its sole discretion and subject to the Learner Driver Terms and Conditions and the Driving Instructor Terms and Conditions, EzLicence may provide a full refund on one of the following situations -
    1. it is brought to EzLicence’s attention that the payment received was due to fraudulent activity or was otherwise not authorized by the cardholder;
    2. the Driving Instructor verified a lesson payment for a lesson the Learner Driver did not take due to a fault on the part of the Driving Instructor; or
    3. a complaint is received and it is determined that the Driving Instructor breached the Driving Instructor Terms and Conditions.