Can I Get the Bonus Logbook Hours (1 hr = 3 hrs) if I Take Lessons from an EzLicence Driving Instructor?

Updated 27 days ago


Taking structured driving lessons with an EzLicence instructor in NSW & QLD lets you record 3 hours of driving experience in your logbook for every 1 hour of driving instruction, up to a maximum of 30 hours recorded for 10 hours of lessons. You can, of course, continue to take driving lessons with EzLicence instructors after you have recorded the maximum allowable bonus, but each 1 hour will equal 1 hour in your logbook.

Note that if you take a driving lesson at night (i.e. between sunset and sunrise), you can only record 1 hour of night driving. The remaining 2 hours are added to your log of day driving experience hours.