Terms and Conditions
Between EzLicence Pty Ltd and Learner Drivers

Free Driving Lesson

The free driving lesson is facilitated via the National Keys2Drive program. Keys2Drive is a revolutionary approach to road safety education. The free driving lesson is an opportunity for the learner driver, driving instructor and parent/supervisor to learn together. Learn more here.

To qualify for the free lesson you must successfully register for a Keys2Drive free lesson ID and a fully licensed supervising driver (normally mum, dad, family member or a friend) must attend the 60 minute keys2drive free lesson.

To receive your free lesson ID you must meet the eligibility requirements of the Keys2Drive program and complete the online registration form.

You will be prompted for your free lesson ID when scheduling the free lesson in your EzLicence portal. If you haven’t registered for Keys2Drive at the time of scheduling your free lesson simply follow the link to the registration form, which only takes 2-3 minutes to complete.

Based on instructor feedback we recommend that your very first driving lesson is not a Keys2Drive (free) lesson. You can use your free lesson credit at any time.

If you do not successfully attain a Keys2Drive free lesson ID or your supervising driver does not attend the full lesson, you will not be entitled to receive the free lesson.

If you attend your scheduled free lesson but do not meet the Keys2Drive lesson requirements you will not be able to claim your free lesson. If you and the instructor choose to conduct an ordinary driving lesson (non-Keys2Drive) instead, we will deduct a 1 hr lesson credit from your account. If you have no credits we will seek reimbursement from you.