About EzLicence

EzLicence helps learner drivers and parents find, compare and book verified driving instructors online. The EzLicence online platform brings transparency, choice and efficiency to the selection of a driving instructor and the ongoing management of driving lessons.

EzLicence provides access to the largest number of driving instructors in Australia. By simply entering a pickup suburb & transmission preference (auto/manual), learner drivers will be able to view and compare the online profiles of all the driving instructors available in their area. Profile information includes:

  • Instructor Photo
  • Bio
  • Customer Ratings & Reviews
  • Vehicle details
  • Experience
  • Language/s
  • Real-time lesson availability

Learner drivers and parents can rest assured all driving instructors on the EzLicence platform are appropriately licensed and have valid ‘working with children’ credentials.

The EzLicence platform provides a fully automated experience. After choosing a driving instructor, users can make driving lesson bookings online in real-time. Driving lesson bookings are instantly added to the driving instructors calendar & notifications are sent. The driving instructor simply arrives at the nominated pickup address on the day/time chosen to deliver the driving lesson.

The ongoing management of driving lessons is done from the learner drivers online account, created during the initial booking process. From the online account, learner drivers and parents can buy, schedule, cancel, and reschedule their driving lessons. Their driving instructor can also be changed, no questions asked.

EzLicence places all of the choice & control in the hands of learner drivers and parents.

Get started today by comparing the available driving instructors in your area.