Logbook vs Vort Test: Getting Your Adelaide Driving Licence

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Securing your driver's licence is a big achievement and one that affords you significant freedoms. However, there are a few steps you’ll need to take before you can head out onto the roads on your own.

So, how do you get your Adelaide driving licence?

In Adelaide, there are two methods you can follow to secure your driving licence: the VORT test and the Logbook method (technically known as the Competency-Based Training and Assessment Course). 

Both methods require you to learn and perform the same skills at the same standard, but the ways in which you do this are slightly different. 

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the logbook vs VORT test so that you can start preparing to get your Adelaide driving licence. 

How Do You Get Your Adelaide Driving Licence?

There are three steps to securing your full Adelaide Driving Licence.

  1. Getting your Ls 
  2. Getting your Ps
  3. Graduating to your full licence 

The first step in the driving journey is to get those L plates. There are two ways to get your Learner Licence in SA. 

  1. Sit the written or online Learner’s Theory Test at a Service SA Customer Service Centre

  2. Complete the MyLs learning and assessment course online. 

Once you’ve got your Ls, you’ll begin working your way through the steps required to get your P plates. 

There were two ways to qualify for a Provisional Licence: VORT and CBT&A (Logbook). 

Let’s go through each and explain which might be best for you. 

The Vort Test

The first option is the Vort Test.

What is the Vort Test in South Australia?

Known as the “Vehicle On Road Driving Test (VORT)”, VORT is the traditional method for securing your Adelaide probationary driving licence. 

The VORT involves sitting a practical driving test with an authorised examiner. 

The VORT tests your skills to ensure that you are a safe and knowledgeable driver. The test typically takes around 45 minutes to complete.

You will need to complete five slow-speed manoeuvers: a U-turn, a 3-point turn, a reverse parallel park, an angled park, and a hill start.  

The driving part of the test will test your skills in changing lanes, navigating traffic lights and roundabouts, responding to signage, and interacting with your car and other road users.

You’ll need to score at least 90% to pass the VORT test and cannot break any road laws while completing the drive. If you do breach a road law, you will immediately fail the VORT, and your test will not continue. 

You will receive a marking sheet at the conclusion of your test to review your performance and, if you fail, take note of areas for improvement. 

The main advantage of VORT is that it can be quite quick and a relatively cheap way to get your licence, especially if you are already a confident driver.

You can book a VORT as soon as long as you have passed your Ls test and completed your hours. 

It is highly recommended that you still take some professional driving lessons prior to attempting the VORT. The test has a reasonably high failure rate, and the costs can mount up if you need to attempt it multiple times. 

Once you have passed VORT, you will be rewarded with a certificate of competency, which enables you to get your P1 licence. 

How Much Does the VORT Cost?

The cost of the VORT will depend on whether you receive a lesson before the test or you head straight in for the test.

We highly recommend opting for the lesson and VORT test option. 

In the lesson before your VORT, your instructor will take you through each of the five manoeuvres that will be tested. You’ll also head out for a drive together. 

Not only will this help to warm you up and settle your nerves, but it also gives you an opportunity to work out the road conditions on the day. This helps to reduce any unexpected surprises when the test begins. 

VORT Driving Instructors Adelaide

At EzLicence, our instructors are here to guide you through the process from your first lesson to your driving test. 

Not sure if you’re ready to take the test? Our EzLicence instructors will advise you on whether you’re ready to attempt the VORT.  

The Logbook (CBT&A) 

The second path to getting your Adelaide probationary driving licence is to take the Competency-Based Training and Assessment method (CBT&A).

What is the Logbook (CBT&A) Method in Adelaide?

The Competency Based Training and Assessment pathway is commonly called the “Adelaide Logbook” method because you will work through a logbook of 30 tasks with an accredited instructor. 

The main benefit of the Adelaide logbook method is that it allows you to work through the tasks at your own pace and spend more time on areas that require further practice. 

Task 30 is similar to the VORT Test, but it is conducted by the driving instructor who has taught you. 

Once you have completed all tasks, this will be recorded in your Drivers Companion with a certificate of competency issued. You will then be eligible for your P1 licence.

Logbook Driving Instructors Adelaide

EzLicence instructors can take you through your logbook hours and task 30 Adelaide probationary driving licence test.

To find your instructor, simply search for your suburb and a list of available instructors will appear.  

A Final Word on the VORT and Logbook Tests in Adelaide

Transitioning from a learner’s licence to a probationary licence is an exciting and nerve-wracking time, but the Adelaide VORT and logbook tests allow you to choose how you go about it. 

You can decide whether you’d like to follow the traditional VORT method or prefer to be tested by your instructor with the logbook test. At EzLicence, our instructors are here to help you no matter which path you take.

Ready to get on the road? Book a lesson with one of our qualified, expert instructors.


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