Learning to Drive in Adelaide Has Never Been Easier

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If you’re keen to get your licence and enjoy all the freedom and independence that comes with it, there is no better time. 

In South Australia, you have plenty of options when learning to drive and even more when you book with EzLicence. Here are just some of the reasons it makes sense to find driving instructors in Adelaide.

Flexible Driving Instructors in Adelaide

One of the best reasons to search and compare driving instructors with EzLicence is to find one that matches your needs. One of the biggest considerations is finding a driving school and instructor that offer appointments in the times that suit you best. 

Life gets busy, so if you’ve got school and work commitments, you need to take driving lessons when it suits you. With EzLicence, you can even find an instructor who can pick you up for a lesson, making life even easier.

A Choice of Vehicles

You usually have two choices regarding the vehicle you use for driving lessons in Adelaide. You can use your car if you have one or use an instructor’s vehicle. It makes sense to try and learn in the vehicle you intend to take the test in, and in many cases, your instructor will make the vehicle available to you for this purpose.

In addition, you may want a dual-control vehicle so the instructor can control the brakes just in case you make a mistake in your first few lessons. It’s a little extra peace of mind and can get you driving more confidently, more quickly.

The Logbook Method

In Adelaide, you also have two options for your progress towards your P’s licence. First is the logbook method, where you work with an accredited driving instructor to tick off a range of driving-related tasks in your logbook. If you feel like you might panic during a test, this is a good option because there’s no test as such. 

However, be warned that the final task in the logbook is a bit like a test. You have to complete it with the instructor who has taught you all along.

The VORT Method

The other method is the ‘Vehicle On Road Test’, or the VORT method. This involves completing 75 hours of supervised driving with accredited instructors and your supervisory drivers. Then, you undertake an assessment/test to be granted your provisional licence. 

Professional Driving Instructors in Adelaide

When you want flexibility, choices and professional driving instructors in Adelaide, the only option is EzLicence. You can find and compare instructors in your local area and even book them online. 

Our easy-to-use online portal allows you to manage bookings, and you can even reschedule within 5 hours of a lesson with no cancellation fee.

When you choose EzLicence, you get the best instructors and excellent tuition to match your capability. Book a lesson today, and EzLicence will have you driving solo in no time.

Learn smart. Learn safe. Learn easy with EzLicence.

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