11 Tips for Choosing a Good Driving Instructor

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Learning to drive is no easy task and one thing you will need to do is find a good driving instructor.

One of the most important yet challenging aspects of learning to drive is finding a good driving instructor to suit your learning style and needs. The following 11 tips will assist you to find a good driving instructor and help you become a safer driver and obtain your driver’s licence faster.

Taking driving lessons from a professional driving instructor will help you become a safe and confident driver. With an overwhelming number of driving instructors in your area how do you know which one is right for you?

About the instructor’s vehicle

  1. Choice of vehicle

    You will need to choose to learn in either a manual or automatic transmission vehicle. You may also feel more comfortable in certain vehicle body types, for example some people prefer to learn in smaller vehicles such as hatchbacks.

  1. Vehicle safety

    A driving instructor with a modern, dual-control vehicle makes you safer and their vehicles usually score highly on Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) safety tests. You may want to check the ANCAP rating of your driving instructor’s vehicle.

About the instructor

It is important that you are confident that your driving instructor can provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to drive safely. By reviewing your driving instructor’s profile before booking, you can have greater confidence in them and their experience.

  1. Verified Working with Children Check

    The accreditation to demonstrate that children are in trustworthy hands is something to look for as it will ensure that your teenage son or daughter are in a safe environment.

  1. Meet your learning goals

    learning goals

    Whether it is your first time learning to drive, practicing for an upcoming driving test, refreshing your driving skills or converting your international licence, make sure you check your driving instructor is equipped to help you with your specific needs.

  1. Instructional experience

    instructional experience

    An experienced driving instructor can provide tailored lessons to suit your learning style. Another benefit of an experienced driving instructor is their ability to provide better advice on the techniques that will best work for you as you learn to drive.

  1. Driving Instructor techniques



    Driving instructors should incorporate defensive driving techniques into your lessons to ensure maximum road safety. The more experience a driving instructor has with learners on the road, the more they can anticipate & impart their knowledge about risks. By selecting an appropriately qualified and experienced driving instructor, you can ensure you have been given the best tools to be safe on the road.

  1. Driving instructor ‘soft’ skills

    Before teaching students how to drive, driving instructors need to obtain their relevant qualifications and meet a high legal standard. They will also need:

    • Strong communication skills - Choosing a Driving Instructor with strong communication skills can help you become a safer driver, faster.
    • Patience - With patience, a driving instructor can ensure the learning environment provides you with as much confidence and as little stress as is possible. Nobody learns well in a high stress environment.
  1. Spoken Languages



    Sometimes learners may have a language barrier making it difficult to learn to drive. Some driving instructors may be fluent in multiple languages ensuring that you can be taught in a language that helps you to learn safely and efficiently.

  1. Learner feedback & ratings

    learner feedback&ratings

    Accreditation alone may not be enough to help you to select a good driving instructor. Driving schools may provide other information to help you choose a driving instructor:

    • Testimonials: Testimonials are beneficial as they provide real feedback about former students’ experience with their driving instructors. Testimonials can go hand in hand with demonstrating the strengths, weaknesses and an insight to how you may learn with this driving instructor.
    • Star-based rating systems: Some driving schools provide a star-based rating system on their drivers to highlight the average ratings of former learners.

EzLicence provides both star-based ratings and testimonials on their driving instructors allowing you to see how former students learnt alongside their instructors. By reviewing the history of driving instructors, you can narrow down who might be best for you.

Booking of Driving Lessons

The flexibility and organisation of driving lessons is a key way to see whether a driving instructor will suit you.

  1. Availability

    Before booking a driving lesson with your preferred driving instructor, ensure that the availability of the instructor matches your schedule! Also ensure they have enough availability for all your future lessons and driving test date.

  1. Flexibility


    Make sure that your driving instructor allows the rescheduling of bookings easily and has a reasonable cancellation policy. By reviewing instructor booking information you will learn which driving instructor is good for you.

    Whether you’re driving for the first time or in a new country, it may be intimidating for you. By keeping the requirements of selecting a driving instructor in mind, you can reach your goals while receiving the most out of your time.

    Learning to drive can be a nerve-racking experience, so make sure you’re 100% comfortable with your driving instructor before hitting the road. Whether you are driving for the first time, undertaking a refresher lesson, or converting an international licence, it is important that you are completely ready. By undertaking driving lessons with a professional driving instructor, you will learn all the handy tips needed to be a safe and confident driver.

EzLicence provides driving instructors to not only new drivers, but also to those who are preparing for a final driving test or wanting to refresh their skills. International migrants and students are also welcome as we provide lessons for newly arrived drivers who need to convert their international licenses.

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EzLicence provides you the opportunity to find your ideal driving instructor with a wide range of available information including:

  • Driving Instructors covering over 650 Sydney suburbs with the option to access their bio, accreditation, ratings & testimonials.
  • The ability to check the real-time availability of your chosen driving instructor to make sure they are able to teach you when you need.
  • The guarantee that you will complete your driving lesson, as we allow free cancellations or rescheduling.
  • Information about the services the driving instructors offer and the vehicle you will be driving.

EzLicence also provides you with your own online dashboard where you can manage all your bookings, including online cancellations and rescheduling. You can even change driving instructors if you feel your current instructor is not right for you, or if you simply want a second opinion.

Learning to drive is an important journey and EzLicence wants to be a part of it! We care about everyone's safety and are here to assist you in the selection of a good driving instructor.

Before selecting your driving instructor, make sure that you follow these 11 tips to ensure the best possible results!

If you have any more questions about EzLicence, head to our FAQ page to solve any queries you may have.

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