Can I take driving lessons in my own car?

Updated almost 2 years ago

Our driving instructors are happy to provide driving lessons in your own vehicle as long as they feel safe & your vehicle meets certain conditions.

Learning in your own vehicle is likely to be supported by your instructor if:

  • You are a confident & experienced learner driver about to take a driving test
  • You are an experienced driver on a provisional or unrestricted licence
  • You have a new car to familiarise yourself with
  • You have driven extensively overseas & are confident on Australian roads

Learning in your own car is not suitable for inexperienced or new learner drivers.

Your car must be registered, roadworthy, comprehensively insured & clean. Our instructors reserve the right to refuse instruction in your car if they believe your driving skills or vehicle condition are a safety risk.

The instructor may wish to conduct one or more lessons in their own vehicle prior to providing lessons in your vehicle.

To learn in your own car, simply add a lesson note or call your instructor after confirming your booking.