How many driving lessons do I need?

Updated 7 months ago

The amount of driving lessons you require can depend on a number of factors, this can include your previous driving experience, your confidence level and your aptitude for learning to drive. We all learn at different speeds.

Your driving instructor is best placed to provide further advice to you immediately after your first driving lesson. However, from our experience with thousands of learner drivers we can make the following broad recommendations:

New Learner Drivers (No Experience)

If you have never driven before we recommend you consider booking at least 7 -10 hours of driving lessons with an accredited driving instructor. For those less confident learner drivers, we regularly see 20 hours of driving lessons completed. If after 7 - 10 hours of driving lessons you are not ready to sit your driving test you can always schedule further lessons.

New Learner Drivers (Some Experience)

Many learner drivers choose to get their initial driving experience with a family member or friend, they then book driving lessons with an accredited driving instructor to fine tune their skills and prepare them for their driving test.

If you are already reasonably confident behind the wheel but still need some professional guidance, we recommend you consider 5 -7 hours of driving lessons to start with.

International Driver's Licence Holders

International driver's licence holders in most cases have extensive driving experience in another country. We find that most International drivers licence holders are solely engaging a driving instructor to prepare to pass the necessary driving test. On average international licence holders obtain 2 - 3 hours of driving lessons with an accredited driving instructor. Unfortunately international licence holders also fail the driving test in high numbers. We recommend that International driver's licence holders obtain 3 -5 hours of driving lessons before attempting the driving test.

Refresher driving lessons

It is very common for existing licence holders to book driving lessons with an accredited driving instructor to refresh their driving skills. The amount of driving lessons required will depend on the level of recent driving experience and also the driver's licence holders confidence. We recommend 3 -5 hours of driving lessons for those drivers who's skills or confidence require a boost.

Manual Driving Lessons

Many experienced driver's licence holders book driving lessons to learn the skill or driving a manual vehicle. We find that these driver's licence holders take 3 - 5 hours of manual driving lessons on average.