When should I book driving lessons?

Updated 10 months ago

You can book driving lessons as soon as soon as you’ve obtained your learner’s licence. You do not require any prior driving experience to undertake driving lessons.

The sooner you start learning with a professional driving instructor, the better your experience as a learner driver will be. Driving lessons can help you become a better driver at any stage and many learner drivers take driving lessons to help them prepare for the driving test. 

Our driving instructors welcome the opportunity to assist anyone (all licence holder types) who feel their skills or confidence require a boost. Driving lessons are for anyone, not just holders of a learners licence.

If you are an international driver’s licence holder you should confirm with your local state/territory authority that you are currently allowed to drive on Australian roads before booking driving lessons. Our driving instructors are helping thousands of overseas driver's licence holders convert their licences each year.