How to Get Your Driver's Licence in Perth!

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Getting your driver's licence is an exciting step. It is important to remember that with your licence, comes a great deal of responsibility. For instance, you need to make sure you are qualified to drive safely. Many new drivers can have anxiety around learning to drive. But we’re here to tell you this isn’t how it has to be! 

With the right driving instructors, getting your licence in Perth will not be a stressful task.

According to the Perth Department of Transport, you need to go through a "Graduated Driver Training and Licensing (GDTL)" process to get a Perth driver’s licence. 

To help break it down for you, here are the six steps of getting your first driver's licence in Perth;

Learner's Permit

Before getting behind the wheel in Perth, even as a beginner, you first need to pass the learner’s permit theory test. To take this permit for a car, you need to be at least sixteen years old. Passing this test will allow you to start driving with the supervision of your Perth driving instructor as well as another qualified driver. 

Supervised Driving

With a learner's permit, you will be allowed to drive in Perth, accompanied by a supervising driver. This is where professional driving instructors will come in handy. Your driving instructors will teach you the correct driving skills and habits to help establish confidence and safe driving practices when it comes time for you to drive on your own. This is why taking the time to research your Perth driving instructor is key! 

It is highly recommended that you get as many lessons with professional driving instructors as you can. This will enable you to drive in various weather and traffic conditions, as well as helping to establish driving confidence in a range of different driving scenarios. 

To be eligible to take a car driving test in Perth, you may be required to complete a certain amount of supervised driving hours. If you are under twenty-five years of age, you must complete at least fifty supervised driving hours. Five of those hours must be taken at night. Those older than twenty-five are exempted from this requirement. 

Hazard Perception Test

This is a computer-based test. It features a series of video clips of traffic situations to measure your ability to assess road hazards. To take this test in Perth, you should be at least sixteen and six months old. You must also have held your learner's permit for no less than six months. 

More Driving Experience

Until the time comes to undergo your final practical driving test, you should try to build more experience. Work with your Perth driving instructor and other qualified drivers to complete the fifty hours of supervised driving criteria (if required). This will get you more prepared for the final test and real-life driving.

Practical Driving Assessment

If you have complied with the above requirements and are at least seventeen years of age, you are ready to take your practical driving assessment. 

Provisional Licence (P Plates)

Once you have passed this final driving assessment, you will get a provisional licence. It allows you to drive independently, without the supervision of any driving instructors. 

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