Learning to Drive in Canberra? EzLicence Can Help!

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When you’re looking for driving lessons in Canberra, how do you choose the right driving school? There are plenty of options, but which is right for you? EzLicence makes it simple to start your driving journey because we’re much more than just a driving school. Here’s how EzLicence takes the hassle out of learning to drive in Canberra. 

Find local driving instructors

The first step is to find local driving instructors in your area. This is not only important for logistics – you won’t be trying to get to the other side of Canberra just for a lesson – but it also gives you some familiarity with the roads. It’s pretty nerve-wracking driving in traffic for the first time, but you’ll be comforted a little by knowing the area you’re driving in.

EzLicence makes this step extremely simple. Just search in your local area, and you’ll find driving schools and instructors who are close by and available for lessons. 

Compare instructors

The next step is to compare instructors. You might find several in your local area, so it’s a matter of finding the one who fits your needs the most. Check for things like available lesson times, choice of vehicles (and the potential to use a dual-control vehicle for extra peace of mind), and also the price and lesson length. 

Checking all of these things will tell you whether you’re getting good value for money and which instructors are best suited to your circumstances. 

Book your lessons

Chosen your preferred instructor? That’s great, now all you need to do is book a lesson! You can do this easily at the click of a button in our online portal. However, there are some things to consider.

  1. Check if your instructor offers the Keys2drive initiative. It’s a government program that gives you your first lesson free, and your supervisory driver can also come along.
  2. Ensure you book lesson times that work for you. You don’t want to be rushing home from school or work and risk being late. 

Manage lessons online

Once you start learning to drive, you can use the simple EzLicence portal to manage all of your bookings. We understand that things come up, which is why we let you reschedule a booking up to 5 hours before the lesson with no cancellation fee. Just change your booking in the portal, and get ready for your next scheduled lesson. The online portal is easy to navigate and use, and you can also use it to keep track of all your lessons to make sure you’ve got the lessons recorded in your logbook. Simple!

Driving lessons in Canberra

Are you interested in learning to drive the convenient way? EzLicence is all you need, and we can get you in touch with your preferred driving instructor straight away. Contact us today to find out more. EzLicence makes it easy to book, learn, and achieve your driving goals.

Learn smart. Learn safe. Learn easy with EzLicence.