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Should I get driving lessons?

You may be wondering if driving lessons are for you. And if so, how much driving lessons cost in Australia?

At EzLicence, we have set driving lesson prices based on our extensive research of driving schools across Australia. Prices can vary depending on the suburb where you will be picked up and your preferred transmission type (automatic or manual).  Enter the information into our search tool to compare driving lesson prices.

Note that we offer discounts for learner drivers who purchase driving lesson packages. 

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Let’s take a closer look at the cost of driving lessons in Australia.

How much do driving lessons cost in Australia?

The cost of driving lessons in Australia ranges from $45 to $95 per hour, varying based on the city or suburb you’re from.

We’d say the sweet spot of value for money vs quality sits in the range of $60 - $75 per hour.

Keeping Your Driving Lesson Costs Down with a Package

To save money, you should consider buying a package of lessons. You will be able to save anywhere from 5% - 10%, depending on how many lessons you purchase.

Find a gauge on driving lesson costs by capital cities in Australia below.

Driving Lesson Costs by Capital Cities in Australia

Driving Lesson Costs in Hobart

Driving Lesson Costs in Brisbane

Driving Lesson Costs in Adelaide

Driving Lesson Costs in Canberra

Driving Lesson Costs in Melbourne

Driving Lesson Costs in Sydney

Driving Lesson Costs in Perth


These Prices are subject to change, we recommend heading to our Pricing Page.

All you need to do is fill in your preferred location and choose an instructor; simple as that! Remember, it’s likely that there will be more instructors available in densely populated areas.

How many driving lessons should I get?

The answer to this question depends on your driving experience, aptitude & goals. Additionally, are you simply trying to pass the test, or are you seeking to build confidence and lifelong skills? Head to our customer support page to find guidance on how many driving lessons you’ll need.


Getting driving lessons is always your choice; we believe there is a strong argument that engaging a professional should not be considered a ‘cost’, but more a wise investment in your independence and safety.

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