Manual driving lessons

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Driving a manual vehicle is much less common today than it used to be, it wasn't that long ago that everyone learnt to drive in a manual vehicle. These days most people take the more convenient option of learning to drive in an automatic vehicle. Because of this most driving instructors only offer driving lessons in an automatic vehicle, they believe this is what people want. Here at EzLicence we are consistently surprised by the high demand for manual driving lessons from men and women of all ages. Because of this we now provide access to the largest pool of manual driving instructors in Australia.


Why learn to drive a manual vehicle?

People learn to drive a manual vehicle for many reasons. For some, learning to drive a manual is just what you do, why take the easy option and be restricted if you are confident in your driving abilities? For others, learning to drive a manual might be about an employment requirement. Many learners tell us that they have bought or want to buy a manual vehicle and now need to learn to drive it. A manual vehicle is attractive to many people due to the reduced cost of purchase and ongoing maintenance. Some people simply find a manual vehicle more engaging and flexible to drive.


Do you want to learn to drive a manual vehicle?

Do you want to learn how to drive a manual car but don't know where to start? The most  efficient way to learn is from a professional driving instructor. Our instructors are qualified and experienced in teaching newcomers the way around a manual car. 

We have a large range of manual transmission instructors who are experienced teachers and ready to help. You can learn in their vehicle and as you get comfortable with the basics, you can then start getting familiar with your own vehicle. In some cases, if you are completely new to driving, your instructor may recommend you learn the basics of steering and road handling in an automatic vehicle first, so that you are not learning too many new skills at once.

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