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Learning to drive manual

Driving a manual vehicle is much less common today than it used to be, it wasn't that long ago that everyone learnt to drive in a manual vehicle.

These days most people take the more convenient option of learning to drive in an automatic vehicle. Because of this most driving instructors only offer driving lessons in an automatic vehicle, they believe this is what people want.

Here at EzLicence we are consistently surprised by the high demand for manual driving lessons from men and women of all ages. Because of this we now provide access to the largest pool of manual driving instructors in Australia.

Why learn to drive a manual vehicle?

People learn to drive a manual vehicle for many reasons.

For some, learning to drive a manual is just what you do, why take the easy option and be restricted if you are confident in your driving abilities? For others, learning to drive a manual might be about an employment requirement. 

Many learners tell us that they have bought or want to buy a manual vehicle and now need to learn to drive it.

A manual vehicle is attractive to many people due to the reduced cost of purchase and ongoing maintenance. Some people simply find a manual vehicle more engaging and flexible to drive.

How to drive a manual vehicle

As you may already know, learning to drive a manual car is a little more complex than learning how to drive an automatic car.

While an automatic car changes gears as you drive on its own accord, a manual car requires you to change gears yourself.

This means there are a few extra steps and car parts you’ll have to familiarise yourself with, namely the clutch and gear stick.

Changing gears as you drive requires you to know when you should be pressing the clutch, when you should be moving the gear stick, and when you should be accelerating.

If your technique is out of swing, you may find yourself stalling the car, requiring you to turn the engine off and start again.

That’s why we recommend booking in some manual driving lessons and being guided by a manual driving instructor to learn the best way to drive a manual car smoothly and safely. 

How long does it take to learn manual?

The time it will take to learn manual changes from person to person. 

How interested you are in learning to drive manual, how much foundational knowledge you have about driving and road rules, who teaches you, and how quickly you pick it up will all impact how long it takes for you to learn manual.

If you’re starting from scratch, it may take you several hours to understand the basics of driving, and then it may take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to feel confident putting theory into practice.

If you’ve driven an automatic before and are familiar with driving, it may only take you a few hours to adjust to a manual car.

Who teaches you to drive manual may also have a big impact on the time it takes you to learn manual. 

Finding a manual driving instructor who is competent and who you feel comfortable driving from is key to keep your confidence up, helping you drive smoothly and safely sooner. 

Finding the right manual driving instructor

The most efficient way to learn is from a professional driving instructor. 

To ensure you make the most of your manual driving lessons, it’s important you find the right manual driving instructor for you.

Our instructors are qualified and experienced in teaching newcomers the way around a manual car. 

We have a large range of manual transmission instructors who are experienced teachers and ready to help. 

You can learn in their vehicle and as you get comfortable with the basics, and, you can then start getting familiar with your own vehicle. 

In some cases, if you are completely new to driving, your instructor may recommend you learn the basics of steering and road handling in an automatic vehicle first, so that you are not learning too many new skills at once.

Manual driving lesson near me

You may be wondering where you can find manual driving lessons, and the good news is EzLicence makes it easy. 

Our driving lessons portal lets you find manual driving instructors near you by typing in your suburb, postcode or city. 

From there, you’re able to choose the drive that sticks out most to you and begin learning how to drive manual.

How much are driving lessons?

At EzLicence, we have a range of prices and packages to make manual driving lessons accessible to you. 

Our prices are a result of rigorous research of other driving schools, and rates may vary between locations and transmission types (whether you’re looking for manual driving lessons or automatic).

You can simply type in your suburb or city name in our Prices and Packages page to find a range of manual driving instructors available near you. 

You’ll find that most manual driving lesson prices will begin between $70 to $85 per hour, and the more hours you purchase, the more you begin to save. 

We also have test packages available at the price of $199 for those on their probationary licence. 

These packages include a manual driving instructor picking you up one hour before your test, a 45 minute pre-test warm up, the use of your instructor’s vehicle for the test, and being dropped off once your test is complete.

How many driving lessons do I need in Australia?

You may be wondering how many driving lessons can you have to learn manual, and the answer is it’s completely up to you and your level of confidence behind the wheel.


While there we do provide some guidelines around what’s recommended, it’s also important to factor in how much you think you need. 

For new learners that are just starting out, we recommend between 10 and 15 hours.

For new learners with some experience, we recommend between 7 and 10 hours.

For overseas licence holders, between 3 and 6 hours is recommended.

And for refresher drivers, or learners who already hold an automatic drivers licence and wish to learn manual, we recommend 3 to 5 hours. 

For nervous drivers, it may take a few extra hours to knead out any fear you may have bubbling up while driving. 

After all, the goal of manual driving lessons is to get you feeling comfortable, confident and in control of your vehicle.

Can I drive manual with an automatic licence in Victoria?

We often get asked, “Can someone on their full licence drive manual in Victoria?”, and the answer is most likely.

If you have applied for your licence using an automatic car (with an automatic transmission), and you’ve successfully secured your full licence, then you will be able to drive a manual car (with a manual transmission) so long as your full licence doesn’t display the letter ‘A’ or ‘V’ on it.

The letter ‘A’ simply refers to ‘automatic transmission’, and you’ll often see it on your learners permit or probationary licence. However, it should be removed once your full licence is processed.

If the letter ‘V’ is on your full licence, that indicates a medical condition requires you to only use an automatic licence. In this case, you will not be able to drive a manual car even if you are on your full licence. 

If you are on your full licence and there aren’t any conditions preventing you from driving a manual, it’s still a good idea to book manual driving lessons to learn how to drive manual confidently and safely. 

The Takeaway

Whether you’re required to learn manual for work, or you simply prefer it, then manual driving lessons are the way to go. 

Finding a professional and experienced manual driving instructor can help you navigate a manual vehicle safely and confidently, and EzLicence makes it easy to find the right driver for you.

To learn more about our manual driving lessons, you can do so here.


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