How Many Driving Lessons Do I Need to Pass My Driving Test on the Sunshine Coast?

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A few factors determine whether you’re ready to pass a driving test, and it’s different for everybody.

Consider Your Logbook Requirements

In Queensland, you need to complete 100 hours of supervised driving before you can sit your P’s test. This must include 10 hours of night driving. So, that’s going to be a significant consideration when working out how many lessons you need. 

Of course, you don’t need to take lessons for all 100 of those hours if you have supervisory drivers who can help you practice between lessons. However, it’s still worth considering because no matter how quickly you learn all the skills required to pass a test, you can’t sit the test until you’ve completed the hours.

Extra Logbook Hours For Approved Lessons

Another thing to remember is that most driving instructors give you a considerable benefit towards your logbook hours. For example, when you take a 1-hour lesson with an accredited trainer, you can record 3 hours of logbook experience. 

This is capped at 30 hours in total (10 hours worth of lessons). So, that’s a great way to increase your logbook hours and get the right kind of driver tuition at the same time. 

Concerned About The Cost? Try Keys2drive

Everybody has a budget, so it’s not always easy to afford driving lessons. To get started with no expense to you, the government has introduced a program called Keys2drive. This gives you the first lesson with an approved driving instructor for free. 

Plus, you can even bring your main supervisory driver (a parent, sibling or friend) along for the ride. That way, they can see how the instructor teaches you and how to best support you as a supervisory driver. 

Mastering Safe Driving Techniques

Before passing your driving test, you need to have mastered a range of safe driving techniques. These include merging, parking, using signals, understanding road rules and driving safely in a range of different scenarios and conditions. 

There’s no set amount of time required for this, as it’s a personal thing. However, you’ll be ready to sit a test once you’ve mastered the art of safe driving.

Confidence Is Everything

Finally, confidence plays a big part in your readiness for a test. Of course, overconfidence is never a good thing, but the assessor in your test wants to see that you can confidently navigate the road without being reckless. When you use a driving instructor on the Sunshine Coast, they’ll be able to tell you if you’re ready for a test.

Want The Best Driving Lessons On The Sunshine Coast?

Since there is no set number of lessons you need to pass your driving test, why not get started today? The sooner you get to book your first lesson, the sooner you’ll be on your way to passing your test and getting the freedom and independence a licence provides.

EzLicence makes it simple to find instructors, compare them, and even book driving lessons on the Sunshine Coast – all from our online portal. So, contact us today or book online, and let’s get driving!

Learn smart. Learn safe. Learn easy with EzLicence.

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