The Process of Getting Your Licence: From Learner’s to Booking a Driving School on the Central Coast

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From Learner’s To Booking A Driving School On The Central Coast

So, you are now old enough to get your learners licence, finally! It’s such an exciting time – getting your licence is one of the milestone achievements in life. Learning how to drive and obtaining your driver’s licence offers you freedom and independence.

No more buses or relying on others to get you places! But there are a few stages to go before you can hit the Central Coast roads solo. Here we will take you through the process of getting your learners to booking your first driving lesson with a driving school on the Central Coast.

Driver Knowledge Test (DKT)

Firstly, you will need to know everything about the New South Wales (NSW) road rules before you attempt the Driver Knowledge Test. Grab yourself a copy of the Road User’s handbook and start studying. Get your friends and family to help you. It’s also a good idea to take a few practice tests before attempting the real thing. 

You will find practice tests for the DKT online, or you can download a hard copy to review and revise. Once you are ready to give it a go for real, you need to make a booking with Service NSW. 
If you have put in the hours to study the road rules and have tried a couple of practice tests, you should be well prepared to pass your test the first time around. After passing the DKT, you will then be required to prove your identity, pass an eyesight test and pay the licence and test fees. Then you will be ready to jump behind the wheel!

Research Driving Schools

You will be spending time in a small space with your driving instructor, so you want to make sure you are going to be comfortable. Do some research before you commit to a particular driving school. Check reviews online, and ask your family and friends for their experiences and recommendations. 

Ideally, you should be able to view the profile of your potential driving instructor online. And get to know a little bit about them before you book a driving lesson. If the driving school doesn’t offer online profiles, give them a call and ask to speak to or meet with an instructor before you sign up.

Book Your Lessons

A good driving school on the Central Coast will offer bookings online. As stated above, if you have done your research, you will know which school is going to suit you best. Book a time that works in with your schedules, such as before or after school or the weekend. 

Make sure you look up on your road rules before your first lesson. And perhaps get used to sitting behind the wheel, so the environment is not too unfamiliar to you.

The Best Driving School On The Central Coast

EzLicence can guide you through the process of getting your licence to learning how to drive. Our lesson portal offers instructor profiles, online bookings, and all the resources you need to become a safe and responsible driver. 

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