Take the Stress Out of Finding the Perfect Canberra Driving School With EzLicence

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Learning to drive in Canberra comes with plenty of options. There are driving instructors everywhere, but not all of them will suit your needs. For hassle-free Canberra driving school bookings, the solution is EzLicence.

Not only can you find and compare driving instructors, but you can manage all of your bookings online. Here's everything you need to know about learning to drive in Canberra.

Why are Great Driving Instructors Important?

There are so many reasons you should consider booking lessons with a professional Canberra driving school, including:

  • Access to dual-control vehicles
  • Learning safe techniques from day one
  • Gain additional logbook hours for certified lessons
  • Opportunity for first lesson free
  • Learn skills specific to the P1 assessment
  • Potentially sit your assessment with your regular instructor
  • Learn to drive safely and confidently

This list isn't exhaustive but shows some of the many reasons to consider booking professional driving lessons. 

How Many Logbook Hours Do I Need?

You'll need to complete 100 hours of general logbook driving in Canberra. But there's some great news for Canberra learners. If you book lessons with a certified instructor, you can record 3 hours of logbook driving for each 1-hour lesson. This is capped at ten lessons but still gives you 30 hours.

Is There a Way to Get a Free First Driving Lesson?

Most certified driving instructors give you the first lesson free under the government's Keys2drive initiative. After that, you can bring your main supervisory driver (a friend or family member licensed to serve as a supervisory driver), and they can learn how to teach you the best driving habits. 

What Vehicle Will I Learn to Drive in?

If you book with a Canberra driving school, you'll likely have a choice of vehicles. You can use your own or a family member's. Additionally, you can choose an instructor's vehicle, which should have dual controls. This is an added safety benefit if you've never driven on the roads before.

Find the Best Canberra Driving School Today

When you want the perfect Canberra driving school for your needs, look no further than EzLicence. 

Our service lets you find local driving instructors, check what they offer, and make the right choice for your requirements. So no matter what's most important for you – extra logbook hours, learning to drive safely, having a choice of vehicles or something else, you'll find the perfect match with EzLicence.

Getting the best Canberra driving school is all about safety, convenience and value for money. Contact us today to find out more. EzLicence makes it easy to book, learn, and achieve your driving goals.

Learn smart. Learn safe. Learn easy with EzLicence.