Top Questions to Ask When Selecting a Canberra Driving Instructor!

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You’ve got a lot of options when selecting a driving instructor in Canberra. So, there are a lot of questions you may have before you even book the first lesson. This is pretty natural, and this article will give you a guide to some of the questions you should ask before booking.

These questions should help you get the most out of your professional driving lessons, from free lessons to sitting your test. 

What should I bring to the driving lesson?

There usually isn’t a lot you need to bring. However, it always pays to ask. The essential items are your learner’s licence and logbook. You won’t be able to start your lesson without these. Other recommended items might be a drink to keep you hydrated, and of course, some comfortable clothing for the lesson. If there’s anything else, your instructor can let you know ahead of time.

Do you offer dual-control vehicles?

If you’re still a new driver, you may not have the confidence just to hit the road straight away. That’s why many driving instructors have dual-control vehicles so they can operate the brakes if something goes wrong. It’s a good way to get some peace of mind and gives you more confidence for your early lessons. Always ask ahead of time if your instructor has a dual-control vehicle available.

Can I use my own car?

If you’ve already got a car, or perhaps you want to use your parent’s car, it’s best to check if this is ok. Most driving instructors won’t have a problem with this; however, it usually means you’ll need to meet them at the driving school. Since you can’t drive there alone, you’ll need a supervisory driver to take you.  

Do you offer a free Keys2drive lesson?

Keys2drive is a government program that lets you have a lesson for free. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! It’s an idea that promotes safer driving and helps people get started without the initial expense. The great thing is, your supervisory driver can come along too, which gives them a chance to pick up some tips on how to best help you learn. 

Can I sit my driving test with my instructor?

Some driving schools can also perform provisional driving assessments, which is great for you to feel more comfortable in your test. Always check this out ahead of time because it can be a great help when it comes to deciding whether you’re ready to sit your driving test.

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