How Many Hours of Professional Driving Lessons Do I Need to Complete to Get My Licence?

by EzLicence Last updated

Mastering driving skills and getting ready for the test can be a long process. Without quality Perth driving lessons, this process can get overwhelming for anyone learning to drive. 

To be eligible to sit the Practical Driving Assessment in Perth, the Department of Transport has certain criteria that need to be met. One of them is the number of supervised driving hours you must complete before obtaining your driver’s licence. However, the number differs from one person to another. Keep reading to find out more:

Supervised Driving Hours Requirements

If you are under twenty-five years, you must complete at least fifty hours of supervised driving. Five of these hours must be taken at night-time. This is the bare minimum. However, it is highly recommended to get more driving lessons. It will enable you to drive in various weather and traffic conditions in Perth to gain more skills. To record your driving lessons' completed hours, you will be provided with a digital or printed learner's logbook. 

The fifty hours condition does not apply to learners over twenty-five in Perth. However, it is recommended these learners still take some driving lessons to gain confidence behind the wheel. 

Criteria for Learning Drivers

During your Perth driving lessons, there are a few conditions you must follow. As a learner, the highest speed allowable is 100 km/h and your blood alcohol concentration must not exceed 0.00%. It is best to familiarise yourself with the Drive Safe booklet issued by the Department of Transport.

Best Way to Complete the Required Driving Hours

Completing the supervised driving hour criteria is not just about quantity. The quality of your Perth driving lessons also plays a crucial role. It will determine how you perform on your Perth driving test. 

Your driving lessons will also greatly affect the style of your driving in the long-term. That is why you should choose your Perth driving lessons instructors carefully. Verify the credentials of your driving lessons instructor. Try to do some online research on their reviews and ratings. 

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