Part-time driving instructing has given Peter job satisfaction and extra disposable income

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“The most rewarding part of being a driving instructor is helping kids out and teaching them to be safe on the road. I absolutely love it.”


Peter & EzLicence - By the numbers

  • 100 potential new learners see Peter’s profile in the EzLicence search results each week
  • EzLicence fills the calendar slots that Peter makes available - Peter works part time so this equates to ~19 booking hours on average per week
  • EzLicence fills Peter’s calendar 2-3 weeks in advance 


Peter operates a successful independent driving school in Victoria and has been a part-time driving instructor for over a year.  

After a career in the military where he was involved in training and instruction, Peter began working at Bunnings and has been there for 13 years.

“I like my work at Bunnings but really enjoyed the instruction side of things in the military and I missed that part of the job.”

When Peter’s son was learning how to drive, they searched around for professional driving lessons and came across EzLicence.  After booking lessons, Peter thought that perhaps being a driving instructor might be a good fit for his skills and give him the opportunity to get back into teaching and training.

Partnering with EzLicence

Peter contacted the EzLicence team to chat about his options for driving instruction.  We discussed his goals and gave him guidance on earning potential in his region and how quickly he could grow his business.  We then referred him to a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

After speaking with the EzLicence team, Peter decided to take the driving instruction course and qualified for his Certificate IV.  He then launched his profile on EzLicence in October 2021.

Once his profile was live on the site, Peter started to receive lesson bookings the next day - all without having to do any advertising of his own or set up any technology platforms to manage his business.  Since then, EzLicence has continued to fill his available calendar spots and Peter consistently receives at least 19 hours of lessons from EzLicence per week, which fills his part-time driving instruction availability nicely.

Peter’s weekly calendar with EzLicence bookings in yellow.

As a valued EzLicence partner, Peter has access to some great benefits that help to make his business successful.  

The EzLicence platform manages Peter’s bookings and payments, so he doesn’t have to spend time chasing payment or taking new bookings over the phone.  

Communication with his learners is done automatically by the platform via email and SMS, so he can focus on delivering high quality driving lessons instead of managing upcoming bookings. 

He is able to block out times in his diary when he isn’t available to take EzLicence learners. This flexibility allows him to easily manage his driving instruction work alongside other commitments, such as shifts at Bunnings or personal events. 

Peter also partners closely with the EzLicence team to make use of our industry data and understand seasonal trends for driving instruction.  He uses this information to tailor his calendar to peak periods, making more hours available when demand for driving lessons is high.  The flexibility of the platform means that Peter can maximise his income by finding the right balance between his work at Bunnings and his driving instruction business.

“Find a job you love doing and it doesn’t feel like work.”

Driving instruction suits Peter perfectly - he can work at Bunnings in the morning, and then spend the afternoon with his learner drivers.  

“The most rewarding part of being a driving instructor is helping kids out and teaching them to be safe on the road. I absolutely love it.”

Since joining EzLicence, Peter now has more disposable income that he can count on.  

“It’s a great feeling to know that money will be coming in down the track - EzLicence gives me the consistency to feel financially secure.” 


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