Professional Driving Lessons in Hobart are the Best Way to Boost Your Driving Confidence

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There’s only one website you need to remember when you need Hobart driving lessons. EzLicence makes it simple to find, compare and even book a driving instructor online. But why do you need a professional driving instructor? 

Many people ask their parents to help them out, which is also important. But sometimes, a few lessons with a pro can be a game-changer.

Here’s why professional driving lessons are the key to success.

Learning Safe Driving Techniques

Driving with friends and family is a great way to practice. However, many people benefit from learning all of the safest driving techniques before hitting the road with supervisory drivers. 

A professional driving instructor will teach you how to navigate the road and handle your vehicle safely. While your parents and friends can do this too, it’s not uncommon for people to form bad habits after they’ve been driving for a long time. 

So, to avoid picking up those habits yourself, professional Hobart driving lessons are always a great place to start.

Extra Logbook Hours

If you book a one-hour driving lesson with a certified instructor in Hobart, you’ll be able to record it as two hours. This is capped at ten lessons, but if you take advantage of all 10, that’s an extra 10 hours of logbook hours you can receive by using a driving instructor. You need 80 hours at the L1 stage in Hobart, so this gives you a nice little kickstart.

A Choice of Vehicle Options

When learning with friends and family, you’re limited to their cars. Or your own, if you’re lucky enough to own one already. But when you get professional lessons, you usually choose cars. You can use your own or use a car belonging to the instructor or driving school if preferred.

Additionally, when first learning to drive, you may want a dual control vehicle so the instructor can control the brakes if necessary. You’ll need to book with a driving school for a car such as this.

Preparing for Your Assessment

Finally, one of the best reasons to get professional driving lessons is so you can prepare for your P1 assessment. In addition, some driving instructors are also assessors, meaning you may be able to sit your test with a familiar face. 

Even if that’s not the case, your instructor will be able to help you prepare for all the things you’ll be assessed on. You can even ask for a practice test to see how you go.

Get the Best Hobart Driving Lessons Today

When it’s time to learn to drive, you want to do it confidently. It’s natural to be nervous when you first start driving, but that can change quickly with professional tuition. There are many advantages to booking Hobart driving lessons with a qualified instructor.

To find the driving lessons that best suit your needs, check out EzLicence today. You can find, rate and compare instructors online. You can even book directly and manage appointments through your own EzLicence portal. Book a driving lesson in Hobart today, and find out why so many Australians are learning to drive with us.

Learn smart. Learn safe. Learn easy with EzLicence.

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