5 Tips That Can Help Shake Those Perth Driving Lesson Nerves!

by EzLicence Last updated

Experienced drivers in Perth can easily forget about the nerves and anxiety that can come with learning to drive. Here at EzLicence, we’re committed to helping learner drivers gain driving confidence without stress. 

Below we’ve listed a few simple-to-follow tips to help you feel calmer during your first driving lessons on Perth roads. Keep reading to find out more: 

1. Select the Right Driving Instructor

Trying to drive for the first time can make you feel anxious. It is the job of your driving instructor to put you at ease. That is why you need to choose a qualified instructor for your Perth driving lessons. Also, select a Perth driving instructor that you get along with.  It will result in a driving lesson experience that leaves you feeling safer and more confident in your driving ability.  

2. Talk About Your Fears

Feeling stressed or anxious about your first Perth driving lesson is completely natural. You should not feel ashamed or try to hide these feelings. Instead, deal with them and face your fears. Talk to your Perth driving instructor about what is making you feel nervous. They have the required knowledge and experience to help you overcome these fears with ease!

3. Get to Know the Car 

On your first Perth driving lessons, everything is new to you, including the car. This contributes greatly to your anxieties. That is why you need to familiarize yourself with the car you are driving. Spend some time getting to know the car inside out. Learn what every pedal or button does. It will help to get you feeling more comfortable when it comes time to get behind the wheel.

4. Set Smaller Goals

Starting your Perth driving lessons with the Practical Driving Assessment in mind will make you feel more anxious. That is why you should take your driving lessons one step at a time. Set smaller goals for your driving lessons. Whether it be as small as driving a certain distance or nailing a parallel park. In the end, you are not taking driving lessons just to pass the test. You want to be a good driver.

5. Have Regular Lessons

As a new driver, you need to be regularly practising and learning. Therefore, it is recommended to book one or two driving lessons per week. It will help you learn the road rules faster and gain more confidence in your driving skills. 

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You can choose to take your Perth driving lessons using your own vehicle or that of your instructor. On each instructor profile page, we display their vehicle make, model, year and safety rating to help you choose. For your convenience, the instructor will pick you up from your chosen address in Perth.

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