How to Get Your Driver’s Licence on the Gold Coast!

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It’s an exciting time when you first gain the ability to get behind the wheel, albeit it can be a daunting experience. If you are wondering when and how to start, it’s a great idea to look for quality driving schools in the Gold Coast. 

The learning process for driving is vital. It is the key to maintain safety and ensure that you get from A to B in a calm and collected manner. Therefore, starting with the right instructor is crucial. 

With EzLicence, finding the right driving instructor has never been easier; just jump online. Simply enter your postcode and preference between manual and auto and see the list of options available in your area.

Each of our instructors has a profile where their information can be found. This includes accreditations, languages spoken, and even reviews from previous learners. This is the perfect way to wrap your head around what to look for before starting.


A huge part of the overall process for getting your licence is understanding the rules of the road. The best way to do that is to undertake lessons from a quality driving school on the Gold Coast. You’ll find that you can come up with a long list of criteria for your instructor. However, for the most part, you want an instructor who is experienced, calm and collected.


With so many options, you are inundated with the selection process. However, this is always a good thing! This way, you can get a very tailored experience that caters to your every need. You can compare and contrast accreditation or years of experience, for example. One thing for sure, all instructors available through EzLicence bring something to the table!

Hit the roads!

Finally, getting your licence involves experience behind the wheel, and that’s where your  EzLicence driving instructor comes in. You do need to make sure, though, that after you have selected one of our many available instructors, you have to also consider availability. That way, you can find a time that suits both of you. 

With client testimonials available, the experience of the Gold Coast driving schools speaks for itself. Be sure to seek out multiple options and schools. That way, you know you are getting the very best driving education there is. 

Be sure to check out our safe driving tips for new drivers!

The EzLicence platform driving lessons can be booked online in 60 seconds or less and managed through your own private booking portal. Driving lessons have never been easier to manage for learners or parents! 

All you need to do to get started is enter your postcode in the instructor finder form. You can then compare the range of driving instructors available in your area. 

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