How a Supervisory Driver Helps with Driving Lessons in Melbourne

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How a Supervisory Driver Helps with Driving Lessons in Melbourne 

When learning to drive, choosing where to have driving lessons in Melbourne is one of your biggest decisions. However, your Melbourne driving instructor isn’t the only person helping you get your licence. The other important people are your supervisory drivers. Some people only use one supervisory driver, while others use many. There’s no right or wrong way to go about it, as long as the driver is fully licenced and responsible on the road.
A supervisory driver is responsible for being in the car with you as you learn to drive, offering help and suggestions along the way. Here are all the ways they can help you with Melbourne driving lessons.

Helping You Achieve Required Logbook Hours

When you’re a learner, you’re required to complete a certain number of hours driving with a supervisor. Every state has different benchmarks, so you’ll need to consult your Road to Solo Driving handbook to find out how many hours you need to log before sitting your P’s test. In Victoria, for example, drivers under the age of 21 need to complete 120 hours. 
While doing lessons with accredited driving instructors from EzLicence allows you to log 1 hour for each 1-hour lesson, you’ll still need plenty more experience on the road. Your supervisory drivers are the ones who help you gain the valuable experience and logbook hours required to progress to the next step.

Practice Makes Perfect

Naturally, you become a better, more confident driver with practice. It’s always a good idea to start out with some professional driving lessons in Melbourne because you’ll learn the correct techniques and driving habits. However, not many people can afford to pay for 120 hours’ worth of driving lessons. So, to fill in the gaps, your supervisory driver gives you the chance to practice your skills between driving lessons.

Helpful Tips Along the Way

Your supervisory driver needs to understand their role, and more importantly, to be a responsible driver. This is because they should be giving you lots of helpful tips and suggestions as you drive. It may be pointing out some areas to work on or let you know if you’ve done something really well. 
Either way, they need to be confident in their role as a supervisory driver who helps you pass a driving test and learns safe driving techniques. Most Learner handbooks have a section for your supervisory driver to read, which outlines their role and how they can best help you.

Want the Best Driving Lessons in Melbourne?

EzLicence provides a comprehensive service to help you get started on your driving journey. Our online booking system makes it easy to make appointments, reschedule, and even change instructors if you need to. Working with a qualified EzLicence Melbourne driving instructor is a great way to start and ensures you learn safe driving techniques before you start logging hours with your supervisory driver. 
Best of all, you can use your own car or an instructor’s vehicle with dual controls. When you learn to drive with EzLicence, you’re in safe hands. So, contact us today or book online, and let’s get driving!
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