How Many Driving Lessons Does it Take to Get Your License in Geelong?

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If you’re excited about learning to drive, it can be tempting to rush through to your driving test as quickly as possible. However, it’s doubtful that you’ll ace your test on the first attempt if you haven’t practised thoroughly and learned to master safe driving techniques. 

This takes time, which is why booking driving lessons in Geelong is so vital to the process. Driving lessons teach you the right way to go about things and have some added benefits. Here’s a guide to how many lessons you’ll need to get your licence.

Do you have some driving experience already?

Have you already done some driving with family and friends? If so, you might be able to cut down your number of lessons slightly. However, the risks of driving with friends and family instead of learning from an accredited instructor are developing bad habits. So, if you need to get those bad habits out of your driving, it might even mean you need more lessons.

That’s why it’s always good to do a couple of lessons with a driving instructor in Geelong before starting to drive with other supervisory drivers.

Mastering safe driving techniques

Ultimately, it all comes down to how well you can control a vehicle and how quickly you master safe driving techniques. If you’re a super-fast learner, you might only need a few lessons. However, it’s natural that people need plenty of practise before they’ve mastered all of the skills you need to pass a driving test.

How confident you are behind the wheel

Sitting your driving test is difficult if you’re not confident. Unlike a lesson, the testing assessor doesn’t give you any tips or help. They just give you instructions, and you need to follow them accordingly, showing you understand the road rules and operate a car safely. This is why your confidence plays a big part in determining if you’re ready for a test.

Logbook hours

In Victoria, you need to complete 120 hours of driving and record these in your logbook. The hours should be gained in different conditions, and in fact, you need to complete 20 of those hours while driving at night. 


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