How to Make the Most of Your Driving Lessons in Brisbane

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How To Make The Most Of Your Driving Lessons In Brisbane

It’s a huge achievement to pass your Road Rules Test. So, when it comes time to get behind the wheel, you want to make sure you soak up everything you are being taught. Each driving lesson is a practical experience in the ‘Your Keys to Driving in Queensland’ handbook. You have studied and read this booklet front to back, but now it’s time to put it into practice. And you need to make the most of what you learn. 

Expert driving instructors are trained specifically to teach you how to drive safely and defensively. Driving lessons in Brisbane will prepare you for the solo driving journey ahead. And make sure you have the skills required to be a great driver. 


Learning to drive the correct type of car is your first big decision as a future road user. It determines what kind of car you can drive. So, when you choose to take driving lessons in a car with a manual or automatic transmission, you need to make sure you make an informed decision. 

Generally speaking, a manual will allow you more control over your car, which can be useful with a smaller engine. Conversely, an automatic may seem like an easier choice, but it restricts your ability to drive any type of car you may want in the future.

Listen And Review

Your driving instructor has gone through extensive training to obtain accreditation as an instructor. As a result, they have a wealth of experience and knowledge to pass on to you. Therefore, it’s important that you take everything on board. 

It may all seem very daunting when you first start, so don’t be afraid to go over what you have learned with your instructor following each lesson. This is a great way to consolidate and confirm your knowledge. In addition, if you have misunderstood an instruction, you can clear up any confusion before it turns into a bad habit.

Ask Questions

You can never know too much when it comes to driving. If you are ever confused or overwhelmed by the information your driving instructor provides you, ask questions. And ask as many questions as you need to feel confident. 

When you are eventually on the road solo, you have to be comfortable that you can react to any situation. Can you anticipate the traffic? Can you stop safely? Can you readjust quickly if you stall the car? Your knowledge, skills, and response time will be the difference between avoiding a hazardous situation and potential tragedy.

Professional Driving Lessons In Brisbane

EzLicence takes the stress out of learning how to drive. Professional driving lessons in Brisbane will teach you the right techniques and safe driving skills you need to be a great driver. 

Our expert instructors will guide you through every step of the learning process and support you in developing the skills you need to navigate the uncertain roads. So book a lesson today, and EzLicence will have you driving solo in no time.

Learn smart. Learn safe. Learn easy with EzLicence.