The Ultimate Provisional Licence Guide for WA Learner Drivers

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So you’ve decided that you want to obtain a WA Provisional licence and enjoy the freedom and independence that driving can give you. Well you’ve come to the right place to get started on your learning journey!

This ultimate guide will tell you absolutely everything you need to know before being able to obtain your Provisional licence, including advice on the final practical driving assessment itself. Whether it’s knowing how many hours you need to have logged before taking your driving test, or what you need to provide to prove your identity, this article has you covered.

So without further ado, let’s get started with the requirements for obtaining a Provisional licence. 


Minimum Age

Although you can start learning to drive from the age of 16, you cannot obtain a Provisional licence until you are at least 17 years of age. 


Obtain a Learner Licence 

In order to gain a WA Learner licence, you will have to first pass the WA Road Rules Theory Test. The Road Rules Theory Test is a computer-based knowledge test.

In order to pass you need to get 24 of the 30 general knowledge questions right.

With such strict requirements for passing this test it’s a good idea to get some practice in before taking it. Here at EzLicence we have a great FREE online Road Rules Theory Test for you to practice, the questions come direct from the Department of Transport’s (DoT) question bank. Make sure to have a go and test your current knowledge.

Once you have passed the Road Rules Theory Test you will need to pass an eyesight test and a medical test (if required). If you have a medical condition and/or take medication, you MUST declare this on the application form when you apply for a driver’s licence. The customer service officer will advise whether or not you will need to have a medical assessment.

After passing all of these requirements, you will need to pay an application fee. This fee will include one practical driving assessment entitlement.


Log at Least 50 Hours in Your Learner Driver Log Book (Including 5 Hours of Night Driving)

Unless you are aged 25 or older you will need to log at 50 hours of driving including at least 5 hours of driving at night time. You will then present this log book before taking your driving test. You must be a minimum of 17 years old before taking the Practical Driving Test.

If you log these hours using a digital log book app then you must use the “submit” button and send your driving details direct to the Department of Transport a minimum of 24 hours before taking your driving test.

In terms of building up your hours, whilst you should practice as much as possible with a suitable parent, family member or friend, you should take driving lessons with a qualified professional driving instructor. Instructors won’t just teach you the basics and safest driving skills, they also know the areas that your local driving test centre uses, which is helpful information.

In terms of how many driving lessons you should take, it’s better to look at how many lessons it takes you to become a capable, safe and confident driver, rather than how many it takes to pass your test. Your driving instructor can also guide you, they will know when you are a competent driver and ready to sit your driving test.

It is worth mentioning that driving test pass rates do dramatically increase with the help of an instructor. But the advantages of having instructor led lessons don’t stop there, have a read of our blog post on the benefits of having instructor-led driving lessons here.


Once you feel ready to take lessons make sure to use our instructor locator and use our guide on picking the right instructor for you to find a good match. Once you have found a driving instructor you are happy with and you are ready to take driving lessons, fill out the price finder form and book your driving lessons in advance online.


Prove Your Identity

The Department of Transport (DoT) uses a biometric facial recognition system to protect identities, improve the security and integrity of licence and Photo Cards and help detect potential identity fraud. The facial recognition system makes it difficult for people to obtain a fraudulent Western Australian (WA) driver’s licence or Photo Card and prevents people from holding more than one licence card. 

To uphold DoT’s commitment of secure identities for the WA community, you must supply a number of documents as proof of your identity when first applying for a driver’s licence or Photo Card. A combination of five original documents must be presented to verify your full name, date of birth and current residential address. You can find further information on which documents are acceptable here


Pass an Eyesight Test

As mentioned above, when trying to obtain any driving licence you will have to pass an eyesight test. This prerequisite will make sure that you have the necessary vision to safely drive a vehicle on the road.

You will have to take this eyesight test again if you start or stop wearing glasses or contact lenses to drive. If you pass the test wearing glasses or contact lenses a condition will be added to your licence.


Pay the Licence and Test Fees (Unless Eligible for a Concession)

Before you take your driving test and obtain your Provisional Licence you will need to pay the necessary associated fees. There are many different elements to the fees you will need to pay from the start of the learning phase right through to passing your driving test and getting your full Provisional Licence photo card.

A list of what you will be expected to pay for is below:

  • Driver’s Licence Application Fee
  • Learner's Permit Computerised Theory Test (CTT) Fee
  • Handbook and Logbook Fees
  • Hazard Perception Test Fee

There are also fees for replacements for any of the above, as well as fees for repeated tests. For a full list with up to date pricing see the Department of Transport Fees.

You may be eligible for a discount or concession depending on your circumstances, please check to see if you qualify here.


Pass the Hazard Perception Test

To progress from the Learner licence to the Provisional Licence you must also pass the Hazard Perception Test (HPT). The HPT is a computer based test that measures a learner driver’s ability to respond to dangerous road situations. You can only apply to take the test once you have held a Learner licence for at least 6 months.

The test is made up of a series of moving traffic scenes, and learners are asked to respond by clicking a mouse indicating when they would take actions such as slowing down or overtaking. There is a simulator available on the DoT Hazard Perception page, once you feel you are ready to take the HPT you will need to book a test slot online and pay the associated fee.


Pass the Practical Driving Assessment

Once you have completed all of the necessary requirements above and you feel ready and confident behind the wheel, it’s time to take the practical driving test.

Once you have booked your slot and paid your fees you will need to report to the test centre with the necessary documentation and bring someone with you who holds a full Provisional Licence as you will not be able to drive home alone if you fail. Also make sure to arrive with plenty of time, and take the time to practice driving beforehand as this greatly increases your chance of passing.

EzLicence offer a special Driving Test Package which makes sure you have the best possible preparation for the test. It includes being picked up 1 hour before the test, 45-minute pre-test warm up (including manoeuvre practice), the use of the instructor’s vehicle for the test, and drop off after the test result has been received.

Still not sure whether you are ready or not? Make sure to read our helpful test day guide, including the number 1 reason why people fail their test.



There you have it, that’s everything you need to obtain your WA Provisional Licence in one handy post. Whilst this may seem quite exhaustive, it’s a process that can be made much simpler using EzLicence, as our instructors can guide you through every step of the learning process.
There is a reason why our pass rates are so high!

When you feel ready to start your driving lessons, make sure to find your nearest instructor here.

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