What to Look Out for When Choosing a Driving School in Geelong

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Are you ready to start your driving journey? The first step is picking a driving school in Geelong, and they’re all different. However, this helpful guide should assist you in making the right choice. When you find a great driving instructor, you’re always a lot more comfortable and confident in your lessons. Here’s what to look for when making your choice!

Be Wary of Low Prices.

Cheap driving lessons are usually a sign that you’re not getting great value for money. It may indicate a few things:

The instructor only does the job as a side-hustle
The lessons are shorter in length
You only have access to outdated instructor vehicles
No dual-control vehicles are available

Or, quite simply, that the standard of driving instructors and lessons just isn’t up to scratch. Unfortunately, some companies simply offer a cut-price service because what they deliver isn’t worth much more. Always look for reputable driving schools in Geelong, and choose instructors through EzLicence who have high ratings and great reviews.

Can You Access Keys2drive?

Fancy a free driving lesson? Most people do! Keys2drive is a government scheme that gives you your first driving lesson for free. Your supervisory driver can come along, too, so they’ll learn exactly what the driving instructor teaches you. This is helpful when you start driving with them after your lesson.

Not all driving schools in Geelong offer Keys2drive, so always check that you can get your first lesson for free.

It’s the Little Things That Matter.

Firstly, you may want to start in a driving instructor’s vehicle with dual controls if you’re a new driver. It’s much safer to consider this when deciding if a cheap driving lesson is worth it.

Always Check the Cancellation Policy.

Does your life seem a little chaotic at times? Yep, we get it! Things sometimes happen, and you need to change appointments around. Always check the cancellation policy with your driving school, because some of them can be very strict. You don’t want to end up paying for a lesson you don’t even attend. 

With EzLicence, you can reschedule a booking online up to 5 hours before starting, giving you the convenience you need.

Book With the Best Driving School Geelong Has to Offer!

Were you looking for the best driving school in Geelong? Well, it’s simple with EzLicence. We let you find and compare driving instructors in your local area, giving you access to the best instructors in town. If you have preferences for your vehicle, you need a dual-control car. You can sort your choices accordingly.

At EzLicence, we’re all about making it simple to choose the best driving school in Geelong. 
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