Driving Test Tips: A guide to passing your driving test

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Passing your driving test comes down to one simple concept: practice, practice, practice. Without the skills and experience gained through driving with a parent, adult or driving instructor, you will not successfully pass your test.

At EzLicence, our top priority is to help learner drivers feel confident, safe and secure in their driving skills before their test. While successful driving definitely comes down to experience and practice, there are a few ways you can develop your confidence and possibly increase your chances of passing your test.

Take a look at these specific driving test tips and tricks that can help you build experience before your big day.

Know your driving test routes and surroundings

There are similar routes that a testing officer will always use during your driving test. The best way to gain confidence before your test is by learning about your surroundings and driving obstacles that may occur during the test itself.

When practising with an adult or participating in driving lessons, it is always a great idea to ask them about the most common driving test routes that your testing officer will take. This way you can understand road conditions, possible traffic and any road rules that you will have to follow (such as school zones or speed limits).

Experience driving in different weather conditions

Driving in different conditions of weather may seem like a no-brainer, but on the day of your test you may experience unfavourable or risky weather.

Rainy and stormy weather may mean slippery roads (especially on hills) and increased traffic during your test, which can add a level of stress. And although night time driving will never be tested for a driving test, you may have a winter afternoon slot or a dark, cloudy day that may limit your depth perception quite easily.

Making sure that you are practising all of your driving skills under different driving conditions is always recommended as it can decrease potential stress on the day and of course, increase your experience driving.

Find an experienced driving instructor

An experienced driving instructor can help you with a number of different skills, such as reverse parking, slowing at a stop sign or mastering a three-point turn. Trying and performing these skills will not only help you with your driving test, but also ensure you always drive safely.

Simple steps like staying within the speed limit or stopping at a red traffic light can be disregarded as easy to remember, but it can be surprising how much you can forget in a stressful scenario. Utilising EzLicence to find driving instructors ensures you receive in-depth lessons and gives great driving test tips so you understand all road rules will perform at your best on testing day.

Finding the right instructor for you is also relevant to your location as well. Each state has different testing rules and regulations, so making sure your instructor is local and knowledgeable about test requirements is imperative. At EzLicence, our online booking system allows you to search for instructors based on location, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your driving lessons.

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Do practice driving tests

Many learner drivers can be apprehensive when it comes to taking their driving test. While they may be confident on the road and in their driving skills, testing can be a stressful and challenging experience. A great way to overcome any testing fears is by actually practising what a test would be like.

A supervising driver or your driving instructor can pretend to be a testing officer and take you through the possible obstacles during an actual driving test. This way you can work on your nerves and practice fitting into that parking space or checking your blind spots.

When are you ready to attempt the test?

Being ready comes down to two main factors: experience and confidence. Both experience and confidence driving comes down to practice, practice, practice! While experience can only be gained from honing your skills and techniques, confidence can sometimes take a while to master. Of course, confidence is a mindset, so if you're struggling to feel confident behind the wheel, speaking to your supervising driver or instructor can help you get in the right frame of mind.

A great way to determine your readiness is actually by doing a practice test with your supervising driver (as recommended above). Once you've aced the practice test, you can book in your test and prepare for the big day.

Tips for Test Day

Tips on booking your driving test

The booking process for your driving test is done online for all Australian states and territories. This process can be a little frustrating, especially when there are no bookings for the date or time you wish to take your test on. The best advice is to plan ahead and look at available dates well in advance.

What to bring to the test

The first thing to bring to a driving test is your completed licence application form. This can be printed and filled out after booking in for your test. You are also required to bring in your completed log book with 120 hours filled out and signed off by your supervising adult.

One of the most important things that learner drivers can forget when arriving at their test is the documentation needed (for the event in which you pass your test). You will need a proof of identity-this can be a birth certificate or a passport. Keep in mind that these must be the actual documents, not a photocopy or photo of them.

You also have to bring an adult with a full provisional licence- this is so you have a way to drive there and back (if you do not pass) legally. Your car that you bring must be roadworthy and ready to drive.

Finally, bring your most confident self!

Use a vehicle you're used to

Using a vehicle that you are used to is the best way to feel confident behind the wheel on testing day. You may wish to use your own car or your driving instructor's vehicle if you feel you can drive safely in it.

At EzLicence, driving instructor's vehicles are available to use for your driving test. Simply head to our website to book in and ensure you feel cool and collected on your driving test day!

Stay Calm and Confident

Confidence is key! When practising for driving tests, it is always recommended to ask questions and bring up concerns about your driving style where possible. This can reduce nerves and increase your confidence level. Of course, practice is the best way to feel confident, so taking driving lessons and constantly logging in your hours will get you to the level you need to be at.

Be punctual on test day

It is always best to arrive early to your test. Whether you have the first slot in the morning or an evening time, arriving early will speed along any paperwork you have to fill out and will ensure you don't miss your time slot. Getting there early also means you can account for traffic on the way there!

Common fail items to be aware of

Finally, there are common fail items that many learner drivers fall into during their test. It can be hard to pinpoint the mistakes you will make before the big day, so being aware of common blunders could be a lifesaver. A driving school instructor can help you out with any obstacles or problems that may arise during your test to avoid any fail-worthy mistakes!

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