EzLicence How are Driving Lessons in Sydney Structured?

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How are Driving Lessons in Sydney Structured?

Are you ready for driving lessons in Sydney? If so, you’re probably wondering exactly what happens during a lesson. While every instructor will be slightly different, the basic premise of a driving lesson is the same. Here’s how they work.

Lessons Are Determined by Experience

Essentially, the best driving lessons in Sydney should be structured according to your experience. If it’s your first lesson, your instructor understands and won’t push you too much. Early lessons are about learning how to safely control the car, understanding how the car works, and getting a feel for being behind the wheel.
If you’re more experienced, your Sydney driving instructor will step things up a bit, with things like highway driving, navigating busier city streets, and more complex parking manoeuvres. Ultimately, it all depends on your comfort level and what your driving instructor thinks you can handle.

General Driving

In your early driving lessons, you can expect to do some general driving. This means nothing too scary, so don’t panic! Your driving instructor will usually keep you away from busy cities and highways and will focus on driving around the suburbs instead. This helps you get used to being behind the wheel without feeling too nervous about other road users. During general driving, you’ll also likely do some basic parking manoeuvres, such as parking on the street or pulling into a parking space where it isn’t too busy.

Highways and Merging

Highway driving is a bit different to what you’ll experience in your general driving lessons. While it’s usually not too daunting because you just need to maintain a safe speed and control the car on a long stretch of road, there are complexities. One of those is merging, which you often need to do on highways. Your driving instructor will help you master the correct merging technique, including when to indicate, when to check blind spots and how to merge safely.


For many people, parking is the most complicated part of learning how to drive. Learning how to park safely and correctly takes time, but you’ll start to feel more confident with practice. You’ll certainly be required to show a smooth parking technique during your test, so it’s an important skill to learn.
During your Sydney driving lessons, you’ll learn all types of parking, from basic roadside parks to reverse parallel parking. Don’t worry – your instructor won’t make you do anything until you’re ready.

Tailored Driving Lessons in Sydney?

When you book driving lessons in Sydney with EzLicence, each lesson is tailored to your needs. Our experienced, professional driving instructors assess your confidence, how well you’ve mastered driving techniques, and your experience level to determine how you can benefit most from each lesson.
Progressively, each lesson will focus on more complex driving skills, but you’ll never be rushed. We move at your pace so that you can learn to drive safely and with confidence. So, contact us today or book online, and let’s get driving!
Learn smart. Learn safe. Learn easily with EzLicence.