Here's How You Can Make Learning to Drive in Sydney Less Stressful

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If you’ve never driven a car before, or even if you’ve only had a couple of practice sessions in an empty carpark, getting out on the road can be daunting. Booking driving lessons in Sydney is a great way to boost your confidence and improve your capability on the roads. However, even that can be stressful when driving is new to you. Here are some ways to make driving lessons in Sydney a bit less stressful.

Find local instructors

Generally, you’ll be more familiar with your local area than you would be with the roads on the other side of town. If you choose instructors in your local area, not only does it make the process much easier in terms of travel, but you’ll feel a bit more confident on the roads. 

During a P’s test, you won’t have this luxury, so you’ll need to learn how to handle unfamiliar roads at some point. But for your first few lessons, keeping it local can make life a whole lot easier. 

Book driving lessons at convenient times

One thing you don’t want before a driving lesson is to be rushing. This is when you forget things, struggle with concentration, get flustered behind the wheel and generally don’t feel confident. So, always try to book driving lessons in Sydney when you’ve got plenty of free time. If you need to travel to a driving school, give yourself heaps of time. Even if an instructor comes to you, make sure you’re home and ready well in advance. This will help you relax when the lesson starts. 

Get plenty of rest the night before

Needless to say, everything feels a lot easier after a good night’s sleep. So, try to get to bed early, especially if you have a lesson booked early the next day. This will help with concentration, and you’ll be feeling fresh. If you’re not a morning person, try to book lessons in the afternoon.

Refresh your knowledge of the road rules

While your driving instructor doesn’t expect you to be an absolute expert on the road rules, you should have a strong knowledge of driving theory. Many people forget this and stop studying once they pass their learner’s test. To be confident in your driving, though, brush up on some road rules the night before a lesson because you never know what situations you might encounter. 

Practice, practice, practice

Finally, if you want your driving lessons to be less stressful, do plenty of practice in between appointments. If you have willing supervisory drivers, make sure you try to do plenty of hours in between lessons. This is how you start to develop your skills and improve, even without your instructor sitting beside you.

Driving lessons in Sydney

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