The Only Canberra Driving School You'll Ever Need

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If you’re learning to drive, the best way to speed up your process is with professional driving lessons. Not only can you benefit from extra logbook hours, but you’ll also learn from qualified, experienced driving instructors. For the safest journey towards getting your licence, here’s why you need the best driving school in Canberra.

Learn to drive safely

Road safety is important for everybody. It’s important to remember that when you’re behind the wheel, it’s not just you and your car that can be damaged by your actions. All road users need to drive responsibly to keep everyone safe. 

When you drive with professional instructors, you’ll learn techniques to help keep you and other drivers safe while you’re on the road. 

Dual-control vehicles available

If you’ve never driven before, it can be daunting to be out on the road for the first time. There’s traffic, lights, signs – it’s a lot going on! So, if you want to have a little more confidence to get out in the traffic for the first time, you might choose a dual-control vehicle.

These cars have pedals on the passenger side too, so if something goes wrong, your driving instructor can apply the brakes and ensure you both stay safe. When you’re nervous, this added protection can give you the confidence to focus on the road and everything that’s happening around you. 

Increase your confidence on the road

While driving safety is important, that doesn’t mean driving extra slowly or over-cautiously. When you sit your P’s test, an instructor wants to see that you can navigate basic road movements and control your vehicle with confidence. If you’ve been taught the right way to drive, you’re more likely to meet those assessment requirements. 

While supervisory drivers are great, you’ll learn more of the correct techniques from a professional instructor.

The Keys2drive initiative

When learning to drive, a little helping hand is always appreciated. So, it’s great news that when you book with EzLicence driving instructors you can get your first lesson for free. This is thanks to a government initiative called Keys2drive. While the free lesson is great, it’s the added benefit that really makes this useful.

In your first Keys2drive lesson, you can bring your supervisory driver along, so they can get some tips as well. Parents and friends who haven’t taught someone to drive before can get a lot out of this, and ultimately it means all of your driving time will be a lot more effective!

Driving school in Canberra

EzLicence makes it so simple to find the best driving school in Canberra. You can find, compare and book driving instructors with ease, and you’ll know you’re in safe hands. Simply choose the instructor or driving school that best suits your needs

Getting the best driving school is all about safety, convenience and value for money. Contact us today to find out more. EzLicence makes it easy to book, learn, and achieve your driving goals.

Learn smart. Learn safe. Learn easy with EzLicence.