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Top Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many driving lessons do I need?

    The amount of driving lessons you require can depend on a number of factors, this can include your previous driving experience, your confidence level and your aptitude for learning to drive. We all learn at different speeds.

    Your driving instructor is best placed to provide further advice to you immediately after your first driving lesson. However, from our experience with thousands of learner drivers we can make the following broad recommendations:

    New Learner Drivers (No Experience)

    If you have never driven before we recommend you consider booking at least 7 -10 hours of driving lessons with an accredited driving instructor. For those less confident learner drivers, we regularly see 20 hours of driving lessons completed. If after 7 - 10 hours of driving lessons you are not ready to sit your driving test you can always schedule further lessons.

    New Learner Drivers (Some Experience)

    Many learner drivers choose to get their initial driving experience with a family member or friend, they then book driving lessons with an accredited driving instructor to fine tune their skills and prepare them for their driving test.

    If you are already reasonably confident behind the wheel but still need some professional guidance, we recommend you consider 5 -7 hours of driving lessons to start with.

    International Driver's Licence Holders

    International driver's licence holders in most cases have extensive driving experience in another country. We find that most International drivers licence holders are solely engaging a driving instructor to prepare to pass the necessary driving test. On average international licence holders obtain 2 - 3 hours of driving lessons with an accredited driving instructor. Unfortunately international licence holders also fail the driving test in high numbers. We recommend that International driver's licence holders obtain 3 -5 hours of driving lessons before attempting the driving test.

    Refresher driving lessons

    It is very common for existing licence holders to book driving lessons with an accredited driving instructor to refresh their driving skills. The amount of driving lessons required will depend on the level of recent driving experience and also the driver's licence holders confidence. We recommend 3 -5 hours of driving lessons for those drivers who's skills or confidence require a boost.

    Manual Driving Lessons

    Many experienced driver's licence holders book driving lessons to learn the skill or driving a manual vehicle. We find that these driver's licence holders take 3 - 5 hours of manual driving lessons on average.


  • Do I need my own car to take driving lessons?

    No, you do not need to supply a car for your driving lessons. 

    As with all good driving schools, you can expect our driving instructors to have their own ‘dual-controlled’ instructional vehicle of the transmission type (auto/manual) you selected when booking. 

    There is no additional charge for the use of the instructor’s vehicle, and your chosen driving instructor will meet you at your selected pickup address (including your home).

    If you prefer to learn in your own vehicle and are a competent driver, you can elect to do so. The vehicle must be clean, registered and roadworthy. Please read our FAQ regarding the choice to use your own vehicle.

    You can compare and book driving instructors by entering your pickup suburb & transmission type into the search tool below.


  • What if I want to learn to drive a manual vehicle?

    EzLicence has the largest number of manual driving instructors in Australia. All our manual driving instructors have their own 'manual' instructional vehicles fitted with dual controls. If you are an experienced driver you can request to learn in your own vehicle if that is your preference, simply make a lesson note or contact your instructor after booking.

    To find & book a manual driving instructor, simply enter your pickup suburb and select 'manual' in the 'Find an instructor' search tool below. 

    Please note that there are far fewer ‘manual’ driving instructors in Australia than ‘automatic’ driving instructors. You may therefore have less instructors to choose from and the lesson availability may be less flexible.

    Book your first lesson now with EzLicence.

  • Where will my driving lessons be held?

    Your driving lessons will start & finish at a location convenient to you. The most common pickup location for driving lessons is your home address. Other common driving lesson pickup locations include:

    • School
    • Work
    • Train station
    • Driving test centres

    Your driving instructor will aim to make you as comfortable as possible during your driving lessons. If you are new to driving or are lacking confidence, you will begin in quieter areas, away from complex traffic situations.

    During the booking process you will be asked for your full pickup address, you can select anywhere in the pickup suburb.

  • When should I book driving lessons?

    You can book driving lessons as soon as soon as you’ve obtained your learner’s licence. You do not require any prior driving experience to undertake driving lessons.

    The sooner you start learning with a professional driving instructor, the better your experience as a learner driver will be. Driving lessons can help you become a better driver at any stage and many learner drivers take driving lessons to help them prepare for the driving test. 

    Our driving instructors welcome the opportunity to assist anyone (all licence holder types) who feel their skills or confidence require a boost. Driving lessons are for anyone, not just holders of a learners licence.

    If you are an international driver’s licence holder you should confirm with your local state/territory authority that you are currently allowed to drive on Australian roads before booking driving lessons. Our driving instructors are helping thousands of overseas driver's licence holders convert their licences each year.


  • Do your vehicles have dual controls?

    Yes, all driving instructors available through EzLicence are required to have their vehicles equipped with dual controls for added safety regardless of the vehicle’s age, model, or transmission.

  • How long are your driving lessons?

    Driving lessons can be booked for a duration of one or two hours. If you are a new learner driver or lacking confidence behind the wheel, you may wish to consider starting with one hour lessons.

    We have found that two hour driving lessons are very popular with both learner drivers and driving instructors.

    Discounts are available for learner drivers who purchase multiple driving lessons in a package. You are able to book your lessons in any combination of one hour and two hour driving lessons.

    Your driving lesson duration is measured from the time you are picked up until the time you are dropped off. Pickup & drop off from your chosen location is included in the price.

  • Why choose EzLicence?

    The EzLicence online platform brings transparency, choice and efficiency to the selection of a driving instructor and the ongoing management of driving lessons.

    EzLicence allows learner drivers and parents to choose their own driving instructor based on extensive profile information, including customer ratings & reviews. 

    The online platform provides a fully automated & customisable booking experience. Learner’s can make driving lesson bookings online in real-time. No confirmation or phone calls required. From their online account, learner drivers and parents can also buy, schedule, cancel, and reschedule driving lessons, all within 5 hours of the lesson start time.

    EzLicence learner drivers can even change their driving instructor at the push of a button, no questions asked.

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Why choose EzLicence?

Unlike a typical driving school, EzLicence is an Australian first platform that allows learner drivers & parents to find, compare and book verified driving instructors online. The platform brings transparency, choice and efficiency to the selection of a driving instructor and the ongoing management of driving lessons.

350+ Driving Instructors

2000+ Suburbs Serviced

#1 Online Bookings

  • Choose your own private driving instructor
  • Largest choice of driving instructors in Australia
  • Book driving lessons online in real-time
  • Driving instructor profiles, ratings & reviews
  • Manage your driving lesson bookings online
  • Change your driving instructor online
  • International driver’s licence conversions
  • Book driving lessons with flexibility
  • Licenced and accredited driving instructors
  • Get one free lesson with keys2drive
  • Eligible for bonus log book hours (1 hr = 3 hrs)
  • Driving school instructor cars dual controlled
  • Auto & manual cars available - or use your own!
  • Your very own private driving instructor
  • Review all of the driving schools in your area
  • Patient & friendly male & female driving instructors

The EzLicence advantage

  • Book driving lessons online in under 60 seconds

    Booking driving lessons through EzLicence is a quick and hassle free process that gives you all the choice and control. Why deal with traditional Driving Schools over the phone or by email when you can manage your driving instructor choice & book driving lessons yourself anywhere, and at any time through our secure online platform?

  • More control over your bookings

    From the moment you enter your pickup suburb you have more control over your driving lesson compared to traditional driving schools. Choose, compare, and book your driving instructor and preferred vehicle transmission based on in-depth driving instructor profiles, including ratings and reviews from learners just like you. The best part? Bookings are made in real-time, so you can book your driving lesson instantly and at a convenient time.

  • Your online dashboard

    Manage your preferences, existing bookings & future driving lesson bookings from your secure online account. Reschedule bookings up to 5 hrs prior to the lesson start time - perfect for those with an unpredictable schedule! Want to try a different driving instructor? You can change your driving instructor at the push of a button, no questions asked.

  • The widest range of driving instructors

    EzLicence provides access to more than 200 fully qualified driving instructors across Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane. All driving instructors available through EzLicence are required to have a current, valid clearance for working with children, as well as having their vehicles equipped with dual control pedals for added safety. With an EzLicence driving instructor, you can be sure you’re in good hands.

  • Servicing YOUR area

    Thanks to our comprehensive driving instructor service area coverage, you can choose your pickup location from anywhere in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or the surrounding areas. EzLicence now proudly services over 1,200 suburbs across both NSW and Victoria, and will continue to grow.

How do I find private driving instructors near me?

We know what it’s like when you first start learning to drive - we were all there once too. Some of us were nervous, some were excited, but all of us were ready to succeed. Where do you start when you are ready to choose a driving school? Our driving instructors are ready to help you achieve your goals, and at a pace you are comfortable with.

Regardless of whether you’re learning to drive for the first time and looking to log your first few hours, or an experienced driver looking to ease yourself back into the driver’s seat with refresher driving lessons, our wide variety of driving instructors can cater to your individual needs. Any transmission, any suburb, any day; we’re here to help you become the safe and confident driver you need to be on the road.

Learn from a true professional and book your driving lessons with a private driving instructor at EzLicence, so you can get your driving experience started the right way. Choose a driving school in your area and begin learning to drive today.

Learn smart. Learn safe. Learn easy with EzLicence.