Why EzLicence Is the Most Convenient Gold Coast Driving School!

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Are you a newly licenced driver looking to take on the busy roads of the Gold Coast? Are you looking for an experienced instructor to drive you in the right direction? Well, with EzLicence, you can ensure that you are taken care of. With a broad selection of instructors, your Gold Coast driving lessons can be as stress-free as possible. 
If you are in those early stages of selection and looking for high-quality driving lessons on the busy roads of the Gold Coast, look no further than EzLicence. Our website is designed to give new drivers the greatest chance at achieving their driving goals. 


There is nothing more pivotal to your driving education other than choice. This is what makes EzLicence the most convenient portal for selecting your Gold Coast driving lessons. With our search system, each instructor has a profile detailing every aspect of their availability, right through to their accreditations. Additionally, extras such as languages spoken, areas of availability are showcased as well. 
It is always worth it to take the time to get to know your driving instructor by putting aside time to have a read of their profile before proceeding to the booking. 


With a long list of options available for your driving lessons, you can rest assured knowing that you can select someone on the Gold Coast who has vast experience with driving lessons. We believe that with experience comes the ability to assure that our instructors know the necessities of the learning process. When you learn from one of our driving instructors, you can become the best driver you can possibly be. 


It is essential to input your postcode to ensure you can receive a Gold Coast driving instructor that covers your select area. Most likely, is that you will find multiple options based on your geographics. Once again, this provides you with options, allowing you to select someone local and experienced, all at the same time. Many driving instructors cover multiple areas of the Gold Coast, further adding to the variety available in a certain area. In most metropolitan areas, you will find that there are multiple listings for suburban areas. 

We hope our safe driving tips for new drivers were helpful to you!


With the EzLicence platform, you can schedule driving lessons online in approximately 60 seconds! Having your own private portal makes booking and managing driving lessons easy to manage for both learners and parents! 

Get started now by simply typing your postcode in the instructor finder form. Then you can compare several driving instructors available in your area — easy!

Schedule your first driving lesson with EzLicence today!